During the [email protected] 2018 which is happening at IFA 2018, they unveiled their new desktop catered for the creators and gamers. The Acer Predator X has not one but Two Intel Xeon Processors – because why not.

This happens to be a gaming tower and it also looks a lot more cleaner than the Predator Orion we have seen previously. With that said, yes the only thing that we know as of now is just the fact that it has 2 Intel Xeon Processors and 12 ECC Dual Inline Memory Module. And in the video, it appears to be an Nvidia RTX graphics card (or an upcoming Titan Graphics card?) which will be the GPU unit.

Other than that, we do not know what else Acer has crammed under that hood. But what ever it is under the hood, it looks like it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Acer said that they are targeting this particular machine towards those who take their Production game seriously. When I say production – I meant those who do rendering (probably MAYA, 3D of sorts), and obviously you can game on it.

But with all the seriousness, as cool as it sounds – I doubt it its going to be wallet friendly. There isn’t any details on it but when we get more, you’ll be the first one to know.