Earlier this year, Xiaomi unveiled their new Mi Flagship smartphone back in China. It looks like the Mi 8 is heading to Malaysia sooner than you think because guess what, the official page accidentally listed the Mi 8 on their site.

Mi 8 Listed on Mi Malaysia Official Page

We found out that, Xiaomi Malaysia also known as Mi Malaysia listed the Mi 8 as a phone that’s sold in Malaysia. The only thing missing is the Buy Now button. This means it’s heading to Malaysia sometime later this month. Just that we do not know when. With that said, is it something that you guys are excited about? We are.

The Mi 8 rocks a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 6GB RAM and upto 128GB Internal under the hood. It has a gorgeous 6.21” AMOLED Display on the front which is still Full HD. It does have a notch. As for the camera, you’ll find a dual camera setup on the back – where the primary sensor is a 12MP Wide Angle lens with 4-axis OIS at f/1.8 and a 12MP Telephoto Lens with f/2.4. It also houses a dual- frequency GPS to make sure that you get the most accurate location possible.

As for the battery, it is equipped with 3400 mAh battery and supports Quick Charge 4.0. It has a fingerprint sensor on the back and it also happens to be the first phone from Xiaomi to feature a Face ID like sensors on the front to unlock your device.

We are excited to see that this is coming into the Malaysian market. In fact, it was listed on SIRIM as well. There’s two different units which could me two different configuration.

So, what are you waiting for. Time to hold that money of yours and get this baby soon. 😀 Well, we are!