After the announcement of Pocophone, it has reached a point where it has taken the whole world’s attention. It’s appearing on headlines everywhere. With that said, Pocophone has announced that they will be unveiling the Poco F1 in 50 other countries all around the world. In the first wave, the three major countries that will be getting the Poco F1 will be – Indonesia, Hong Kong and France. As Malaysia is near Indonesia, signs are showing that it is heading to Malaysia.

Pocophone Teased on Mi Malaysia

Just like last time how Mi Malaysia listed the Mi 8 on their site and it was made official? This time they have teased the Pocophone on the Mi Malaysia site. With that said, the moment you click – it brings you to this Poco Global site where you get this simple game on how fast you could race. With that, it ends and says – “Stay tuned”.

This shows that the Pocophone is indeed reaching the shores of Malaysia. In fact, it was even listed in SIRIM. Let us give you a TL;DR of the phone itself – it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, upto 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage, 6.18” Display, 4000 mAh battery, 12MP+5MP Camera and a 20MP Selfie shooter. You can read more about it in our coverage article by clicking here.

But with that said, we will be getting the Pocophone sooner than you think. Our guess is that it will arrive after the SST is implemented because it’s going to be weird to refresh the price if they were to announce it now and then change it after 1st September.

Until then, stay tuned to us. Make sure to like us on Facebook because we will be hearing soon about the Pocophone and with that said, we have an interesting giveaway coming up real soon – so stay tuned for that. 😀 Also, we recently found out that the Pocophone Malaysia accounts you’ve been seeing, it’s NOT official. So, keep you eye on trusted source like ourselves and Mi Malaysia.