With the Samsung Galaxy Note9 being announced next week, the promo video for the upcoming Note series has been leaked and with that said – in this article we can strongly say that almost most of it that we see in this video is legit and Here’s why.

Number 1: The Dual Camera and the Repositioned Fingerprint Sensor

The moment you look at the back, you’ll notice that the dual camera which came with the Note8 is still around. Chances are, we might see the primary sensor be a variable aperture sensor where it can change the aperture to low-light just like the Samsung Galaxy S9 which we reviewed not too long ago. Also, the flash and the IR Sensor has been given a dedicated spot rather than stacking one up top like the Note8. Finally, we have the repositioned fingerprint sensor that is smack right in the bottom middle position of the Camera Module.

Ice Universe said that the camera module is the same as the S9+ – so, chances are it will have a Variable Aperture sensor.

Number 2: A new S Pen

Let’s admit it, the S Pen on the Note8 was already too powerful. Now apparently, the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 has an even more powerful S Pen. The only thing we notice here, is the new yellow color finish on the pen itself. We have no idea what the pen could do – although there are some speculations. According to Tom’s Guide, there’s a chance that the S Pen will have Bluetooth support and even suggested that the S Pen would feature a quasi-speakerphone.

Now what if S Pen do this – what if the Bluetooth feature was to use the pen off the phone and if you were to write on a paper, it copies exactly what you write on to your phone? This would be cool if you ask me.

Number 3: All day battery life (yas!)

Let’s just admit it, the battery life on the Note8 is bad. We at The Adventures of Vesper use Note8 and we have carried a battery pack with us all the time. Looks like that part will be fixed this time with a “powerful all-day battery”. How powerful? We do not know.

Number 4: Bigger Storage

T A V E S P E R . T E C H

The Note9 is rumored to have 2 storage configurations – 128GB and 512GB and with that said, it is true. Now in these two different pictures, if you notice the sentence at the bottom clearly – you’ll see this.

“All day battery based against the usage profile of an ‘average ‘user as determined and independently assessed by Strategy Analytics with pre-release versions of SM-N960 (128GB).

For 512GB Models equipped with additional 512GB SD card (sold separately).”

These two sentences are a big giveaway when it comes to the storage configuration that we’d be seeing on the Note9. On top of that, the Note9 will be able to expand the memory – or as they say “1 Terabyte Ready”.

Other Leaks: The Three Different Colors

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 will apparently be available in three different colors – according to the famous leakster, Evan Blass. From left to right, the colors will be Black, Blue and Brown. The brown looks more like the Sunrise Gold and Bronze, but we will see the naming part later. If you look closely, the only one that has a different S Pen color would be the Blue color. Not sure why they went for Yellow, but I am sure they have a good reason why – they better have one.

Bixby 2.0

The Note9 will still have Bixby with it but with that said – the Bixby 2.0 will change a lot of thing. Again, we are quite not sure how it’s going to be helpful this time.

So, are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy Note9? It will be announced on the 9th August next week and we just got the invite in our email to look at it at the upcoming Samsung Unpacked. So, make sure to like us on Facebook to hear it from us. 😊