If you are the kind of person who likes to spice things up or even if you want to make your life a bit better in some way, it starts from the smallest thing. For instance, your alarm clock. I hate that “BEEP-BEEP” sound that pisses me off and makes me feel like “Oh boy, here we go again.”. But it looks like Spotify got that covered. They have now integrated Spotify with Google Clock and now they allow you to set your favorite playlist as your alarm clock sound.

How to Set it up?

First things first, you’ll have to download Clock App from Google if you don’t have one in your phone. Next up, when you go to the alarm settings, you see a new prompt saying that “Wake up to music.”. From there, tap the Alarm Sound and you’ll see a new tab called “Connect with Spotify.” Once you do that, it will show the applications you can use for Music Alarm and tap Spotify Music. After the verification process, you’ll see your recently played Playlists and specially curated ones for you as well.

Tap the one you like or prefer and voila, it’s now set! 😀

What does it do?

Well for starters, it does replace that Beep-Beep with a favorite track of yours from Spotify. Not only that, once you have dismissed the alarm and want to continue with your playlist, you can do that seamlessly by tapping the Continue Playing button. Spotify has curated three different morning playlists for you if you have no clue which one to choose.

So, what are you waiting for? Go change that annoying mainstream alarm sound of yours to something that you prefer and love listening to. It’s like waking up to the favorite person in the world but just that it’s not a person but the Music you love. Heh. Sounds alone but hey, still something you love right? 😊

P.S. Sorry Apple users, the feature ain’t coming for you, at least for now. I hope. 😛