• Minimalist Design
  • High Grade - Good Quality Finish
  • Charges Pretty Fast
  • Works with both iOS and Android
  • QC 3.0 Adapter Included
  • Mind Boggling Price Tag


  • Not available in Malaysia

I have personally been an avid fan of Qi Wireless chargers. The only downside until today, is finding a good one for an affordable price tag. We have Fast charging Wireless chargers but then it costs a fortune and the cheaper ones does not have good charging capabilities. So, we searched for one that’s affordable, offers good performance but doesn’t cost a fortune. Meet the ZMI Qi Wireless Charger which is their recently announced product on Xiaomi’s Kickstarter. Is it any better than the ones, other manufacturers sell at a premium? Find out in our ZMI Qi Wireless Charger Review.

Design and Build Quality


The moment you look at the wireless pad, you’ll notice that the design is rather minimalist. It doesn’t have anything fancy going around but maintains this premium look to it. It does look like my coaster that I use to keep my mug on – which shows that the charger can blend in really well.

As for the build quality, on the top where you’d place the phone. It has a 2.5D glass up top with curved rim on the outside that slips into the body. Speaking of the body, it is made out of a metal shell which is solid and feels nice when you take it in your hands. It has a decent heft to it. In terms of quality, it has a premium build quality to it as well. Nice touch right there.



As for the specification, the ZMI Qi Wireless Charger supports both iOS and Android Smartphones. The metal plate base has been checked for Metal Impurities and the 2.5D Glass on top is 7.1mm thick. Good thing is that, the ZMI Wireless charger has also included a USB-C cable and a Quick Charge 3.0 enabled adapter.

So far, what ZMI has included is impressive – there isn’t one thing that disappoints me.

Performance & Output

For this test to work out, we used three different smartphones to see what kind of results we get. These are the three phones we chose:

  1. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note8
  3. iPhone X

Starting off with the Mi Mix 2S. Under the hood, it packs a 3400 mAh battery which takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to charge from Zero to 100 via direct connection with a QC 3.0 Adapter. On the Wireless charger, the phone was able to charge from Zero to 100 in 2 hours 22 minutes. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 has a 3300 mAh battery which takes about an hour and 30+ to get from Zero to 100. But on the wireless charger, it took 2 hours and 15 minutes to charge it completely.

We did try it with a QC 2.0 certified charger just to see if it affects the charging rate. In fact, it does. The duration became an hour longer – probably the longest it can take to charge a phone up.

Finally, we tested this on the iPhone X – as we know the phone has the capability to charge at higher speeds. With that said, during our time testing it – we had an issue with the update where Apple limited the charging speeds to 7.5W. It took exactly 3 hours 30 seconds to go from 10% to 100%. Good news is that – the ZMI Wireless charger supports 10W charging. So, by the time Apple releases the update where we can use the 10W charger, it will cut down an hour. Thus, charging the device in 2 hours.


The ZMI Qi Wireless charger is probably one nice Wireless charging pad. In terms of design, it is minimalist and does not have anything fancy going on. In terms of performance, it is pretty impressive. In fact, it’s nice to see how far Qi Wireless Chargers have come – it is indeed faster now.

If you are a person who charges their phone overnight, consider a wireless charger. In that way the moment the phone hits 100% percent, the charger will cut off the power. This will protect the battery and will give a good lifespan in general.

As for the pricing – the ZMI Qi Wireless charger is priced at 109 RMB. Which roughly converts to 70 Ringgit. For such Wireless Charger, it is really the best price you can ask for. Only problem is, it is not available in Malaysia – so, you’ll have to find a way to purchase it all the way from China – which is not easy.

Where to purchase: Youpin | Mi

Thanks to my friend Chris for allowing us test this charger with his iPhone X because we are not rich nuff to own one for ourselves.

Disclaimer: Just to let you know that I purchased the product in this review – that is – the ZMI Qi Wireless Charger.