At IFA 2018, Lenovo launched its latest addition to its ThinkPad X1 laptop lineup. The portfolio is known for its robust and powerful laptops widely used by professionals. Now, the latest laptop from Lenovo happens to be the ThinkPad X1 Extreme.

Work and Play At The Same Time


The ThinkPad X1 Extreme is packed to the brim with top notch hardware, including a 15.6 UHD display. Lenovo included a touchscreen display which supports Dolby Vision HDR content, making content viewing a great experience.

On top of that, the X1 Extreme is powered by 8th Generation Intel Core processors. The top-end version will run on an Intel Core i9 processor along with 64GB of RAM. Also, dual PCIe SSD storage with Raid 0/1 capability will be an option, making the X1 Extreme a powerhouse. Furthermore, the new offering should be able to handle most gaming titles with the included NVIDIA GeForce 1050Ti MaxQ discrete graphics.

Being a laptop for professionals, the X1 Extreme is a robust device, such is the case with most of the ThinkPad lineup. According to Lenovo, the latest addition comes with four layers of reinforced carbon fibre which should absorb shock. The new aluminium alloy bottom cover will also keep it cool, by dissipating heat more efficiently. Also, it is rather light, coming in at just 1.7kg, which is 12% lighter than the ThinkPad T580.

On the software side of things, the new machine features Windows 10. Also, smart assistants such as Cortona and Amazon Alexa are available, which should deliver a better user experience. If you’re worried such internals will drain the battery, worry not as Lenovo claims to have a solution. It comes with up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge. Also, Rapid Charge will be able to fuel the device up to 80% within an hour. However, this entire package will not come cheap, and it’s set to retail from $1859 upwards sometime this month.