We have seen the World’s biggest SD Card. What’s missing is the World’s fastest and toughest SD Card. Speaking of that, Sony, has unveiled their SD Card – which isn’t just fast but can take a beat. Meet the new Sony SF-G Series TOUGH SD Card.

Sony SF-G Series Tough SD Card

How Tough?

Starting off with how solid the SD card is, the SF-G series Tough cards are 18 times stronger than the standard SD Card we see today. What makes it tougher is the fact that it is the first card in the world to have a monolithic structure. It’s basically molded in one piece and there is no empty space at all. This means, you wont face any of those issues where the casing breaks or broken data protection lock and even connector ribs.

It doesn’t just end there. The SF-G Series card is constructed in a way that – no waterdrop, dust or dirt can enter the card. This brings to the next point – that is, the card receives the highest-grade Waterproof and Dustproof ratings. To sweeten the deal, the card is also X-ray proof, Magnet proof, Anti-static, temperature proof and features a UV Guard.

How Fast?

Moving on to the other important factor – that is speed. The Sony SF-G Series Tough SD Card has the fastest writing speed till date – with a speed up to a whopping 299MB/s. This reduces the buffer clearing time drastically and now photographers can take as many as shot they want with no issue. As for video, it supports V90, the highest standard of Video speed class. So, you don’t have to worry about shooting high resolution video.

As for the reading speed, it has up to 300MB/s. So, transferring from the card over to your PC will be a breeze. Just to keep the user safer, Sony has included an SD Scan Utility which allows the users to check if the card is in a good condition and adding on top of that, you also get File Rescue Software which helps to recover data that may have been deleted.

Pricing and Availability

The SF-G TOUGH Series SD Card will be available in three storages – 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Starting from the 32GB – it’s priced at $72.99, 64GB – at $131.99 and finally, 128GB at $275.99. As of now, there isn’t any pricing available for the Asian Market, but it will be launched later in October.