If you read our article or even saw our pictures on the ROG Phone, you know it’s coming to Malaysia. In fact, ASUS Malaysia showed off their teaser “Save the Date” on the 22nd October – where they will be unveiling the ROG Phone. With that aside, there is one thing you NEED to be careful of – that’s AP | Import Sets.

Don’t Buy Import ROG Phones

This is not the first time we are encouraging not to purchase an Imported Smartphone. Previously, we have said the same for Xiaomi smartphones as well. Retailers in Malaysia have been selling Imported units of ROG Phones at ridiculously expensive pricing. Some even claims that the 128GB + 8GB is being sold at RM 4399 and 512GB + 8GB at RM 4999.

Take note, these are NOT the official price for the ROG Phone. While it does use some really good materials and specification under the hood – the Import price sure is absurd. But there is one Dealer that posted a pre-order on the ROG Phone. DirectD is now having a Pre-order for the ROG Phone with a deposit of RM 500 and claims that the phone will start at RM 3XXX – which looks pretty believable.

With that said, we’d suggest you to buy once it’s available in Malaysia. Trust us, it will be worth the wait. We are reviewing the phone and honestly, we are loving is so far. So, I strongly suggest you to wait and then get your hands on one after the launch.

Who knows there might be interesting things happening perhaps. Afterall it is ASUS and they sure do know how to throw a surprise.