It’s the time of the day, the new iPhones head over to the shores of Malaysia. Every single smartphone user – be it android or iPhone are curious to see how it feels and most of them are looking for a new phone. With that said, Shopee Malaysia has a campaign going on – The Wait is Over for the new Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR.

The Wait is Over

With this new campaign, consumers will be able to own the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR at a discount of 5% off the retail the price. This will be available while stocks last. These are pre-orders currently and will be shipped out by next Monday. The iPhone Xs, Xs Max are the new incremental update from the X which we saw last year and the XR is a much more affordable version of the iPhone X.

The iPhone Xs will start at RM 4,749 (64GB), RM 5,414 (256GB) and RM 6,316 (512GB). The bigger iPhone Xs Max will be priced at RM 5,129 (64GB), RM 5,794 (256GB) and RM 6,696 (512GB). If you are planning to get the iPhone XR, it is priced at RM 3,419 (64GB), RM 3,656 (128GB) and RM 4,084 (256GB).

The price mentioned above is after the 5% discount Shopee is offering. Take note that it’s based on first come first serve basis and they have very limited unit. So, be quick. 😀

Click Here to get your hands on the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max or the XR.