• High DPI Level
  • Good Comfort
  • Long Battery Life
  • Impressive Response Time
  • Good Wireless Connectivity


  • Not a RGB Centric Mouse

We have been taking a look at Gaming Peripherals for a while now and one of the brands that heavily banks on the word “Gamers” is – without a doubt Razer. They have been carrying the tagline – “For Gamers, by Gamers”. With that said, the Mamba Mouse is a popular lineup with high DPI support. Earlier last month, we received the Razer Mamba Wireless and we have been using it for more than the review period and its time for us to give our final verdict in this Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse Review.

Design and Build Quality


The Razer Mamba Wireless has the same design as the Razer Mamba Elite. On the top, where both the L and R button is located – you’ll see the curved wing tip finish that looks very elegant. And rest of the mouse looks pretty much normal. Now you’ll also notice that the Mamba Wireless is designed for right handed users because it has a curved design that suits right handed users more and the buttons are easier to access as it’s placed right beside the thumb.

In terms of build quality, you can tell that the whole mouse is constructed in polycarbonate but more of high grade polycarbonate material. The soft touch Matte finish up top looks very muted and nice to the eyes and at the side we have a rubber padding that adds grip when you hold with your thumb and your ring and little finger. The buttons – both on the side and up top is very clicky and tactile. Overall, the mouse is well built and nice to use.

Feature and Specification


The Razer Mamba Wireless is similar to the Mamba Elite but there are minor changes to it. Starting off, the Razer Mamba uses a 5G Advanced Optical Sensor with true 16,000 DPI. The switches in the mouse are durable up to 50 million clicks. Like I mentioned earlier, it also has an improved side grip. Where it really changed is in two areas. First is the most obvious of all, the Mamba Wireless no longer has a Chroma RGB Light Strip around the mouse and secondly, instead of 9 programmable buttons, we get 7 programmable buttons with the Mamba Wireless instead.  Also, the Razer Mamba Wireless can be connected via both Wireless and with the Cable that’s included inside the box.

You can read more about the Tech Specs below.


The Razer Mamba Wireless has built in Memory to store your favorite programmed buttons for easier control of your favorite games. Now, not just that – the Razer Synapse 3 offers more control for your mouse. In terms of customization, you can program all the buttons under customize – it has two different modes – Standard and HyperShift. Let’s just say you have programmed buttons in the Standard Mode but you want more buttons, HyperShift gives you the upper hand and allows you to program extra set of buttons.


Under the Performance toggle, you can control the Sensitivity of the DPI stage by stage, the Polling Rate – basically the frequency of data updates for the mouse. The Lighting – yes, it still has RGB but not as much as you think. The brightness can go from Dim to Bright. You can put the lighting on standby and finally you get the effects – Spectrum Cycling, Breathing, Reactive.

Another thing that you can do is calibrate the gaming mouse according to your Mouse Mat Surface – giving a better precision and honestly, it works like a charm. Finally, you have Power Saving Mode and Wireless Low Power Mode. Honestly for a Wireless Mouse, the features are super decked out and I have found every single feature above pretty useful and the Chroma to be very fun as well.


The experience on the Razer Mamba Wireless is pure bliss. Never have I ever used a gaming mouse this good. Starting off with the buttons – these buttons are clicky and very responsive. The fact that the response is instantaneous, makes the whole experience worth it. Every click matters. Now, to test out the mouse capability, I played Overwatch, Evil Within 2 and Devil May Cry to see how much it differs. Now, the higher DPI gives you an upper hand in noticing your opponent and immediately strike a bomb or whatever – depending on the game you are playing – right away. This builds up a faster response overall and it’s nice. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit hard to control the cursor at Higher DPI but good thing – the included programmed DPI Controller allows you to change according to what you are doing. It can be slowed enough to do very accurate editing use and fast enough to tackle your opponent.

Now, that’s not even the best part of the mouse. It’s actually how well it works wirelessly. During our first two weeks of using this mouse, we switched from cable to wireless and the whole experience was impeccable. The transition period from the cable to mice was near to zero lag and that definitely puts this mouse at a really good spot. I used this mouse for 4-5 days on and off and didn’t have the need to charge it because the battery life is longer than the Mamba Elite. It gives upto 50 hours of Battery life, which is a definite win.


Without a doubt, the Razer Mamba Wireless is a dream come true gaming mouse for myself and it checks off all of my box for an ideal wireless mouse. For the price of RM 429, I can strongly recommend the Razer Mamba Wireless for those who are in for a good mouse both at home and on the move. As for gamers, they might think that the RGB Game with this Mamba isn’t strong – which I agree, but honestly, I’d choose longer battery life over the RGB strip for an extra few hours of Gaming session.

Don’t you think? 😉