Hah, bet you fell for that Clickbait title. Heh. Well, earlier this week Samsung Malaysia invited us over to take a look at their new product – just like our title suggests, it actually sucks… so good. Meet the new POWERStick Pro, their new cordless Vacuum Cleaner which brings flexibility and versatility when you clean.

Samsung PowerStick Pro

The new Samsung PowerStick Pro is powered by their in-house digital inverter which spins at 5000rpm and this will help cleaning on any kinds of floor or surface easier. The vacuum has a suction power of 150W and has a capability to capture both fine dust and large particles very well. The 32.4V lithium-ion battery gives about 40 minutes of battery life under non-stop usage and this battery is removable and rechargeable.

One of the key feature is definitely bring convenience. The PowerStick Pro has a flex handle that feature that folds up to 50 degrees with just a click of a button. This allows users to clean areas that isn’t easy to reach – for instance, under the bed, couch, behind cupboards and so on. The dust that gets absorbed is then collected into this small container that they call the EZClean Dustbin. With a one quick pull of the lever, the contents are super easy to dispose – just like that. On the top, it has an HEPA Filter that filters out the air and keeps it clean and better.

The Vacuum comes with 4 additional parts. First, their Turbo Action Brush gets dirt and hair out of carpets. Their Mini Motorized Tool gives users to clean the dust and allergens on bed sheets, mattresses and fabric furniture. The combination Tool will help you to pick up dirt from various surface – be it on table or window. Finally, the Extension Crevice Tool to clean narrow areas.

There is another two optional tools for the PowerStick Pro – the Flexible Tool which allows you clean at hard to reach spots and the Soft Action Brush helps cleaning the floor and protect at the same time.

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung PowerStick Pro is now officially available in Malaysia and it will be retailed for RM 2,799. It’s now available for purchase from Samsung Malaysia Official Site.