One noticeable change when it comes to tech in general is how things has gotten a lot portable over time. Now, projectors joins the game. ViewSonic, a company that’s known for it’s monitor and other imaging product has unveiled the most portable projector- meet the ViewSonic M1 Projector.

ViewSonic M1 Projector


The ViewSonic M1 Projector is an LED Projector that has the capability to stand on it’s own. The LED light source gives the projector about 30,000 hours of usage on paper and has the capability to project up to a 100” inch screen size. It has a metal smart stand that lets you project in any angle you prefer.

As for the sound, the M1 comes with a dual Harman Kardon speaker under the hood that gives the power to deliver sounds pretty loud and clear. As for the connectivity, it has 5 different input to make life easier. The projector has a built in Micro SD card, followed by a DC IN port, a USB-C, HDMI, Headphone Jack and finally a USB Reader. If you have your movies or videos on an external storage, all you have to do is to connect your HDD or MicroSD card to access your files right away.

The USB-C Port on the other hand does wonders – not only you could connect an external storage but use it as a HDMI as well. Connecting your phone to it or Laptop will immediately fire up the projector and display your screen right away. Not only that, the projector has Quick Charge capability which helps to charge your phone and watch movies at the same time.

ViewSonic M1 also comes with a built-in 16GB Storage which you can store your movies or shows on board. The projector has a 6 hour battery life which is pretty good if you ask me. Other than that, it has some smart features like – Safety auto-off, Automatic Vertical Keystone Correction and so on.

Pricing and Availability

The ViewSonic M1 Projector is available for a cool RM 1349 and it’s now on sale on both the Official Lazada Store and 11Street Stores. You can even find it at the nearest authorized stores as well. Click here to head over to the Official Stores.

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