• Good Build Quality
  • Crisp and Clear Sound Quality
  • Pure RGB Chroma Bliss
  • Compact and can fit into any Setup


  • Lacks Bass
  • Comes at an Hefty Price tag

Earlier this year, back in CES 2018 – Razer, the company the specializes in Gaming Peripherals unveiled their new speakers. Of course, it isn’t replacing the infamous Leviathan any time soon but the new ones are in a league of its own. They unveiled the Nommo Chroma and the Nommo Pro. Malaysia, received the Nommo Chroma – which is the non-THX Certified version. We have been using it for a fair amount of time to put it through a test. Here’s what we think and our final verdict in this Razer Nommo Chroma Review.

Design and Build Quality


The moment you look at the speakers – it has a unique design to it that makes it stand out. The first thing that came to my mind was a speed gun that Traffic Patrol use to capture speed and that’s how exactly it looks. On the top it has the cylindrical shape that’s supported by this thin neck and a wide base. The black finish makes the speaker gives a very muted and classy look with I am a huge fan of. Somehow, Razer does a good job with their Black color products compared to their signature green.

The build quality with the Nommo – it’s constructed with in plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap. In fact, it has a solid build I have seen on a speaker with such design. The base and the neck is permanently attached to the speaker module – which means you cannot remove it. Other than that, It does have a nice weight to it. For what it is, the speaker is small and it can fit in the smallest desk as well – which is definitely a huge deal. The Left speaker connects via a Serial Port and the Right speaker is the one that has the Knobs to control the sound and the bass. The knobs feels well put together and doesn’t have a loose feeling to it over a long use, which is very important. Clicking the Volume button to turn the speaker on/off has a very nice clicky and tactile feel which I genuinely enjoy.

Finally, as the name suggests – the Razer Nommo Chroma has an RGB Base that can be controlled with the help of Razer Synapse 3.0. This adds that gaming accent to it and if you are gamer who loves RGB, you are going to love this. What I like is the implementation – when you increase or decrease the volume with the knob, it actually turns the RGB Lighting to a volume control – you can literally see how high the volume is. When you crank it all the way down, it actually shows red color light – which indicates Muted. Same goes to the bass which shows the level on the Left Speaker unit. Nifty trick and I like what they did here.



When it comes to speakers, specification matters the most. Take note, this is the Razer Nommo Chroma we are taking a look at. It does not come with a dedicated Subwoofer or a THX or even Dolby Audio certification. It’s a simple Full range 2.0 Gaming speakers. It has a 3-inch full range driver – a custom woven glass fiber based driver on each speaker unit for power and clarity. It does handle bass, so each unit has a rear-facing bass ports for lows. With PC or Laptop, it connects via USB and you still have the option to use AUX In. In fact, you can even connect your headphones straight to the speakers as well – which is a nice touch.



Like I said earlier, the Razer Nommo Chroma connects to Synapse 3.0. So, here are the features that you see on the app itself. Honestly, it’s rather simple. Under the Sound option, you see the Volume control, Reference and the Equalizer. In the next column, you see the lighting control. There’s the brightness control, followed by Effects – which you can choose from the 4 – Breathing, Spectrum Cycling, Static and Wave. Finally, there’s an option to turn off the RGB when your laptop or your PC display turns off.

Sound Quality

Now on to the important aspect of a speaker – the Sound Quality. We tried three different songs to see how the Speakers handle. First song we tried is Justin Timberlake’s Supplies. This song has a really intense bass response and some speakers tend to mask the vocals. While it may not have a dedicated Subwoofer that handles the bass, for a 2.0 speakers – I am genuinely surprised with the quality. The bass response is decent and the vocals are sharp and clear. Cranking to the maximum volume didn’t distort the quality of the song. The lows were good and the mids in the bass as well – it stood out well.

Second song that we listened to this speakers is Maroon 5’s Animals. It has a bit of dynamic to it and the instruments were clear enough to listen and the vocals were clear enough as well. There were certain part where the vocals felt like it was masked by the instruments but it wasn’t entirely bad.

Finally, we tried IU’s BBIBBI – It’s a K-POP by the way. If you were to leave the bass at maximum you’ll miss certain fine details to her voice and bringing it to 50% or less helps and brings a better vocal listening experience. The fact that there’s a Bass knob helps a lot because a lot of songs sound way different and I found myself constantly changing the bass level like some DJ playing with his turn table. Since it’s a product from a Gaming company – using it as an audio source to play games are fine. We tried Overwatch on it and it was just fine. Thanks to the 2.0 channel, you can still hear the movements of characters across the game.


That’s our experience with the Razer Nommo Chroma. For what it is, I am quite surprised that the speaker sounds really well. If you’re wondering who is this for – let’s say you rock a simple setup and if you find the Nommo Pro Chroma (which is not available in Malaysia officially) expensive, you can go for this instead. It may not blow your head off with some super intense bass response but it definitely gets the job done.

But here’s the question – for RM 799 are these even worth considering? Well, honestly – yeah probably but one thing I can tell is, you can get better options out there. Like you could go for the Logitech Z625 Speakers that actually is THX Certified and priced at RM 739. It’s up to you but all we can say is there are better options out there but the Nommo Chroma is still an alright speaker to consider.

Update: The price of the Razer Nommo Chroma has been updated. It is now priced for SRP RM 649 in Malaysia which makes the speaker a worthy option to consider.