I bet you have read over article on the 5 Features we think the RealMe 2 Pro has and if you haven’t – you can read that here. Storage is very important and with that said, having a bigger storage gives you the upper hand in storing more on your smartphone. But the problem is, there isn’t one smartphone that has a humongous storage under the hood and cost less than what it should. Well, RealMe Malaysia brought in their Realme 2 Pro 128GB version and here’s what you can do with it.


What do you need your Phone Storage for?

Movies and TV Shows
To store your photographs taken with the camera
To download tons of new apps for your phone

1- It’s Movie Time

So, you are a Movie buff who loves watching the latest and greatest movies and TV Shows on Popular Video on Demand sites like Netflix and iflix. But you don’t have enough storage to store movies and series on your phone. So, you start deleting movies off your phone. Then there won’t be any movie time and you’ll be sad. The universe will be sad.

This is where the 128GB Internal Storage comes to rescue. Not only you can download tons of movies and TV Shows, you can even binge race the whole thing with no interruption on the gorgeous 6.3” Display. Except for when your partner or parents asks you to show the direction to the location. 😛

2 – Learning Photography

Now on the other hand, planning to get a smartphone with a good camera but most of them are pretty expensive and barely has enough store your apps and the photos you take. Which makes you delete the older pictures. Again why bother when you have the 128GB Internal that you can use to take multiple number of pictures with various variations of your choice.

Capturing your memory and storing it, while having enough memory for other things is a very important thing. So, now you can take those shots you have been meaning to take this Christmas.

3 – Music Lover

When we have those party at the poolside or at an event space, you might run into an issue where you can’t stream the songs or your playlist – which only ends up with a boring event. Again, why worry? The 128GB Internal has the potential to store all your favorite playlist from Spotify or Apple Music. If you’re still someone who loves having local Music files, you can even do that too.

Not only you’re the lifesaver here but you made the party much more alive than ever. 😉

4 – That App Junkie

Some of us get bored so much to a point that we just want to try something new. And when it comes to phones, we try new applications almost every day like a shopaholic. Because of this, you find so many apps you love but there’s another thing you need to resolve – and that’s the warning indicator which says Storage is Full, please remove Apps to install more. Here you are sitting, wondering which one to delete.

Well, why worry? The 128GB Storage once again saves the day because of how huge it is. Not only you can keep the applications you love, you can even download more and more.

All the four criteria pretty much sums up how much a built in 128GB Storage can help you get your day going. This coupled with a UFS 2.1 Storage that gives you faster load times with games, music, movies and so on, is definitely a life saver. So much so, you could call it the Flagship for the Youth – don’t you think? 😊

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Well guess what, there’s going to be another special sale this 28th November, where you can get the 4GB for RM 799, 6GB for RM 899 and 8GB for a whopping RM 999. Can a deal get any better and this is happening all on their exclusive partner – Shopee. Excited much? Well, it’s time for you to get your hand on one. 😉


This RealMe 2 Pro advertorial is brought to you by RealMe Malaysia. 
Thanks to ZenTheGeek for being our model for this article.