Celcom Game Hero by Celcom Axiata Berhad has found a winner amongst the many players on the platform. This time around, the RM 100,000 prize goes to Teoh Khay Sheng.

Second Time Winner Bags The Grand Prize

The winner of the fifth installment of Celcom Game Hero happens to be Teoh Khay Sheng, and this is his second time winning the mobile tournament. During the finals, 24-year old Teoh managed to score a top score of 281,100 after knocking out his competitors. The game titled ‘Celcom Game Hero: Knight Clash’  featured a valiant knight and his trusty steed as he charges through foes and traps. The end goal of this 2D side scrolling runner game is to smash through the enemy gates, defeat the enemy Boss and save the princess. Coming out on top after the 1-hour live showdown during the finals, Teoh took home RM 100,000, out of the total pool of RM 300,000.

While winning the tournament is already a great feat itself, this isn’t Teoh’s first time winning the tournament. Teoh bagged the grand prize too during the previous installment ‘Celcom Game Hero: Kill Shot Legacy’ back in April 2018. Meanwhile, 28-year old Muhammad Zairaih B Mohd from Kelantan bagged second place, taking home RM 60,000. He lost to Teoh by a small margin, scoring 280,160 points. Third place went to 24-year old Amir Hadi Bin Abdul from Sabah, in which he won RM 40,000. Amir’s total score was a high of 271,620.

There were consolation prizes for those coming in 4th to 10th place. Finalists coming in at 4th to 6th place received RM 10,000 each, while 7th to 10th place received RM 5,000. If you think you’ve missed your chance of bagging one of the prizes, worry not, as more installments are to come. The sixth installment of the tournament has begun and it’s titled ‘Celcom Game Hero: Space Rider.’ In the latest mobile game in the series, players are placed in a fast-paced space themed ‘shoot’em up’ situation. Players will be able to race across different planets on a five-lane halfpipe, while dealing with enemies and obstacles. As with previous editions, players will have to obtain a high score to make it to the finals to win one of the cash prizes.