11street has recently partnered with SOUL Electronics to introduce the world’s first artificial intelligence wireless earphones.

Introducing the RUN FREE PRO BIO

International audio brand SOUL Electronics is known for its wireless earphones, and this time around it is introducing the RUN FREE PRO BIO earphones. This pair of earphones happen to come with artificial intelligence, delivering real-time advice during your workout. It is powered by Beflex BiomechEngine and it aims to improve running efficiency and lower risk of injury. This is achieved by monitoring your form during a run.

Accompanying the RUN FREE PRO BIO is the SOUL FIT app, and as its name suggests, it is a fitness app. It will collect GAIT Analysis data consisting of head tilt angle, symmetry, vertical oscillation, and various aspects of a run. Doing so, it will be able to analyse runs and come up with graphics and provide real-time feedback. Like most personal fitness apps, users will then be able to view details of the run after completing it and carry out the necessary form improvements.

As for the hardware of the RUN FREE PRO BIO itself, it comes with apt-X stereo decoder, which is supposed to provide seamless connectivity. This sweat and water proof wireless earphones are also able to provide 11 hours of playback on a single charge. It comes with ergonomic interchangeable ear locks, allowing users to take their pick of sizes for comfort. On top of that, the earphones are suitable for those who run in the dark as it packs safety LED lights and reflective cables. When it comes to pricing and availability, the RUN FREE PRO BIO earphones are priced at RM 699, and is available for purchase on 11street. It is available in two colours; Power Grey and Passion Red.