We are no strangers to Sudio, the Swedish brand that makes very minimalistic headphones at good price tag. Last round, we had the opportunity to take a look at the Sudio Niva – which you can click here to read about it. This time they have something new and this is also their first attempt in making such headphones. Meet Sudio Klar, this is their new Active Noise Cancelling Headphones that’s actually available at the moment.

Sudio Klar: Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

In terms of looks, it still rocks a very minimalist look on the outside with the leather like finish on the top and a metal band that allows you to adjust the earcup as per your liking. It comes in two different colors – White with Gold Accent and an all-black finish with Gold Accent once again. In terms of looks, you can never go wrong with Sudio’s headphones.

In terms of specification, the Klar is a wireless headphones which connects via Bluetooth on both Android and iOS. With that said, the Klar says to offer about 30 hours of play time with the included Active Noise Cancelling feature in it. To put it in simple terms, ANC (for short) is a way of reducing unwanted sound by cancelling off with the help of a second sound.

These headphones come with a Dynamic Driver and the headphones has the impedance of 26±15%Ω. In terms of sensitivity, it has 110 dB @ 1kHz respectively.

Pricing and Availability

Good thing is that, the Sudio Klar is actually now available for purchase on their official store and it’s priced at RM 605. You can get it in either color you personally prefer and with that said, if you happen to read our previous review, you know there’s always a discount code – so use, TAVESPER2018 to get 15% off on your new Sudio Klar or any Sudio products for that matter.

We will definitely get our hands on the Klar and review when we get the opportunity to do it. 🙂