Xiaomi is no stranger for making impressive smartphones for an unbelievable price tag for the masses. In fact, one of the popular lineup from Xiaomi would be the infamous Redmi which happens to offer more for less. In fact, we have witnessed some of the best budget smartphones for an unbelievable price tag – like the Redmi Note 5 (called as Pro in other countries), the entry-level Redmi 6 and 6A. There’s so much more. Not only this created a huge hype and demand, but the Redmi Series also became the smartphone to get because of the value for money specification. Where does it put Mi then?

Well, apparently the Founder of PhoneRadar Blog, Amit Bhawani brought up an interesting news. He tweeted;

Source: Twitter

Knowing the fact their premium lineup Xiaomi Series smartphone has been overshadowed by Redmi Series – I can see why the whole lineup is going independent. It sure does have the capability to live on its own For those who worry so much, well – it will still be under the parent company from the looks of it but I wouldn’t be surprised if another Huawei-Honor situation were to happen. There’s no tentative date or time when is this going to happen. We can’t really put our finger on this just yet but we have reached out to Xiaomi and Mi Malaysia to get more update on this. We will keep you posted if anything turns up.