3 Years with Netflix Malaysia

All of us have been binge racing our favorite shows and Movies on Netflix. What makes it even interesting is the fact that Netflix has shows catered to each and every single one of us which is perfect like the cherry on top of the cake. Did you know it actually has been 3 years since Netflix entered Malaysia? It’s not even that long but it feels like they have been in Malaysia like forever. It feels like they entered the market with no issue but Netflix has faced a lot of challenges that questions on different aspects.

These challenges include on breadth and depth of the content, criticisms on value for money among customers and if you remember back in 2018, the huge announcement in the Malaysian Government on Digital Taxations on international Online Service Providers. Even after going through such challenging moments, Netflix has made a huge impact among us Malaysians by – the way we consume content and give a completely new outlook by bringing content from all over the world to us.

Let’s see what they have done to improve and take complete control of our Televisions.

Owning our Entertainment

Netflix has made life easier by making entertainment flexible to our convenience. They started launching Full Seasons for most of the Netflix Originals so that members can binge an entire season whenever they want to without worrying so much about when the next episode is going to air by tracking and so on. All Netflix Original Series, Films and Documentaries premiere at the same time, which gives Netflix Members to have access to enjoy the new titles hot out of the oven.

Credit: Netflix / Black Mirror

They even made entertainment, interactive. Shows like Puss in Boots, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Minecraft: Story Mode spiced things up where we get to play the shows with our choice as we unravel along the way.

Features to Step our Viewing Game

One of the important things service like this emphasizes on – it’s the User Experience. With that said, features like Mobile Preview, a feature where it gives a fun and simple way to find out more about the show or movie in 30 seconds. Following that, we have Smart Downloads. You know when you have a limited data plan, so you download the latest episode at Home with WiFi but then when you forget about downloading the latest episode, it gets frustrating? (Don’t worry, I’ve been there too). This is where Smart Downloads come into play. What it does is that – it deletes episodes which you’ve finished watching it and automatically downloads the next episode for you. This is just a godsend.

Finally, for those who watch shows at home – the new TV Interface gives less time to think or figure out what to watch and more time to actually watch content that we users would enjoy with your fambam or your partner.

Efficiency and Convenience at our Hands

Payment options got better with the help of Netflix Gift Cards – so, now users don’t have to pay for their membership with debit or credit card but rather use the Gift Card that’s sold at convenience stores. Makes a good present for Friends and Family too. 😊 Personalization of content through smarter personalization and discovery, Netflix provides its users with their own personalized entertainment network – based on their taste and so on. So, this gives the users a better option to explore new shows and sorts. Finally, to make things happen – Data streaming is very important. Netflix continues to refine video encoding and adaptive streaming to make sure consumers on mobile networks can get a smooth streaming experience and as Netflix says it – “More bang for our bits.”

More and More things Happened

Netflix See What’s Next Asia Event Asia Event, Singapore, November 8-9 2018

It doesn’t end there. Netflix took the effort to understand that different people have different taste and with that holds an aim to be great entertainment streaming service for everyone, everywhere. To prove that Netflix is committed in what they do, one of the greatest examples will be Netflix’s See What’s Next Asia 2018 – where they showcased some of their upcoming lineup of shows like K-Variety shows like Love Alarm and My First First Love. They even showcased some amazing titles like Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, Baahubali: Before the Beginning and so many more.

Not only that, but they have also heavily invested in subtitling and dubbing with localized user interfaces in Thai, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Japanese. This is done to make sure that there isn’t any Language Barrier and give them the best experience possible when Netflix users want to watch various kinds of shows.

Netflix is not going to stop there. In fact, 2019 is going to be another big year for Netflix. They are increasing their investment in over 100 new and returning originals from Asian Storytellers across eight countries in Asia, giving voice and amplifying it all around the world. Fun right?

The last three years have been a priceless learning journey for Netflix in Understanding the Malaysian Market which has only increased the streaming service’s desire to provide the best form of quality entertainment to its members whilst continuously enhancing the way Malaysians consume content.

Well, guess what Netflix – here’s to more. And for those who have not used Netflix at all, it’s about time you guys do so. Head over to Netflix.com and signup for the first time to get your first month on Netflix and watch the best shows they have to offer. They do have various type of plans and you can choose that fits your needs. So, yeah  – what are you waiting for. Go binge race now. 😊