Our first month of 2019 has come to an end and with Chinese New Year literally around the corner, things are going to get exciting as the day gets closer. But it can be stressful as well because the first thing about the festive season is that we need to declutter our homes and our lives. If you planned for a New Year’s resolution and still have yet to clean – it’s okay because Netflix has something for you.

Marie Kondo has been shaping people’s lives for the better. To put it in simple words, sparks joy. So, as the Chinese New Year tradition dictates, it’s time to “sweep out the old to usher in the new.”

If there’s one thing that Marie Kondo taught us – it’s how to declutter and things better. So, here are some of the best hacks by the decluttering guru herself.

Declutter by Category, Not by Room

Things tend to get a lot complicated when you start with a whole room. We won’t know which one goes where and the moment it starts piling up like there’s no tomorrow, we just burn out ourselves. So, the best way to clear is by decluttering by category. Kondo suggests that we begin with items that we have less emotional attachments to and they can be your clothes, books or magazines. Things with emotional attachments on the other hand such as photos, gifts, and souvenirs should be left to be attended to much later.

You Clothes Have Feelings, Respect Them

Often we find ourselves in situations where we have tees and clothes that no longer fit us or we don’t choose to wear anymore because of our taste – in better words, fashion sense. Kondo believes that this can hurt not only to space in our household but also to our clothes. When we no longer require their service, we should give them away to those who might.

To make it easier to access, Kondo has also taught how to fold those clothes like a boss – so, check out below.

Boxes For Storage

Instead of storing all your Komono (Miscellaneous items) – for instance, accessories and so on in a drawer or at random places. Compartmentalize it. The simplest hack is to use an old shoe box as a storage divider. Not only it makes it easier for us to look for our things but it also keeps it neat and tidy.

Make Cleaning Easy and Enjoyable

Let’s admit it, Spring Cleaning takes up a lot of your precious time but Marie Kondo has taught us that daily maintenance of a neat household doesn’t have to be excruciating if you find a way to enjoy it. One grave mistake you shouldn’t do is wait till your home is cluttered to begin your cleaning spree. Instead, consistently tidy your homes and keep it a habit. This is pretty much good to go for this Chinese New Year or any festivities for that matter. 😊

If you still find yourself in a tight spot and want to know how much you can enjoy your Spring Cleaning, head over to Netflix and watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to get started! 😀