Remember the infamous Netflix animation that we see before watching any Originals? Well, it’s time to part ways with the old ident animation as they have a new logo animation before we start a new animation. If you remember, Netflix got their whole font revamped not too long ago where they ditched the Gotham Font for their new Netflix Sans font – which was a huge thing for Netflix because they had two goals: to save millions a year in licensing a font that they don’t own and give Netflix an identity of its own.

Now moving forward, Netflix has revamped the logo that we see at the very beginning of a show. Net new ident animation is rather simplistic and speaks more. We see the new “N” logo with this ribbon-like animation. It zooms in and shows multiple colored lines. Their answer to this is that it reflects the diversity and variety of Netflix’s Content. As you can see in these number of clips from their Original Series, they aligned it in a way that you can see the different colors of the shots – which is again inspired by the spectrum of stories, emotions, languages, fans, and creators.

The black background is another noticeable change – this is to make sure that they want us, viewers, to feel invited, to get into the mood for an immersive, cinematic experience anywhere you want. This animation will be seen in Netflix Original Titles – especially with their two new titles – Russian Doll and Velvet Buzzsaw.

One thing that will stay is that “TOU DOUMMMM” sound we are all so familiar and in love with.