One of the youngest smartphone brand in the industry, Realme, has launched its peripheral product lineup. On top of that, it has also upgraded its brand visual image and materials.

Branding Aimed Towards Youngsters

As a smartphone brand that’s aimed towards the young crowd, Realme is constantly innovating their brand image. This time around, the company has adopted a new logo, in the form of their R which carries significant meaning. According to Realme, the uppercase “R” conveys the brand’s design concept as being people-oriented. It is made up of a merged circle, square, and triangle. This logo came about from the observation of human being’s and actions when using smartphones.

Realme went to explain the colour choice behind the logo. The entire logo is based on a vibrant golden yellow which is fittingly called “Realme Yellow”. It represents power, style, modernity, and youthfulness. Also, it displays positive connotations from Western and Eastern cultures. This includes positivity, optimism, friendliness, and emotional energy. Meanwhile, the colour gray represents professionalism, calmness, and inclusiveness. In order to create its brand new identity, Realme enlisted the help Eddie Opara, a winner of multiple ADC Gold Cube Awards. Eddie is the chief designer from design studio Pentagram, and was the one to come up with the “R” logo in “Realme Yellow”.

Realme didn’t just launch a new logo, but also launched a lineup of peripheral products. This includes handbags, paper cups, notebooks, folders, work badges, business cards, envelopes, sweaters, and also T-shirts. At the moment, Realme hasn’t given any information regarding pricing and availability, though we can expect these to be on sale in the near future.