Last week, Samsung Malaysia made their debut with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup and it’s looking great for both Samsung and the customers. With that said, Samsung graced us with their Samsung Galaxy S10+ which is their biggest brother of them all. We have been using it for a day to two and with that said – here’s our initial impressions on the changes and what we noticed so far.

Similar Feel, but Better


As we personally use a Galaxy Note8 as our personal daily driver, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ feel in the hand wasn’t too far off. In fact, Samsung has been using the same design for quite a while at the moment starting from the S6 but now the S10+ feels a lot more refined with glass flushed along with the frame giving it a seamless design. On the hand it does have an heft to it. It feels pretty solid in the hand with everything in place. With almost no bezels on the phone, it is a bit difficult to perform one hand operation but the One UI which is now running the Galaxy S10 does give an upper hand in maneuvering things at ease.

One other thing to take note about the display is the fact that it houses a Dynamic AMOLED Display with the support for HDR10+. To take a look at it, we fired up Netflix with Altered Carbon to see how the colors look and it sure does pop and the blacks look amazing. It has a very wide range of colors and happens to be contrasty at the same time. Samsung has always been and still is one of the very few manufacturers to make some seriously good displays and you are definitely going to enjoy this.

Incremental Changes, but a worthy one

The Galaxy S10+ is more of a refined phone to me because there’s not much of major changes going on. But with that said, these are some of the thoughtful changes that I personally liked seeing on this phone. Starting off with the camera. On the back, it finally has a Ultra Wide Angle camera which allows you to capture more things than ever. So much so, you can just flip your phone over and take a good selfie with the rear facing camera. Along side that, we see the usual two camera – the Dual 12MP Camera – one with variable Aperture and the other one being a telephoto camera. On the front, we also see a dual camera setup – the primary camera which allows you to take selfies and a secondary camera for bokeh effect.

Here’s a comparison of the rear camera. This is just a simple shot we took so far, but we will definitely jump in-depth on it soon. From the left to right – Ultra Wide Angle, Normal, Telephoto.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

One other noticeable feature that we see with the Galaxy S10+ is definitely the Fingerprint sensor. It is no longer at the back – except for the S10e which is located at the side. This particular fingerprint sensor works way better than we thought. We have tried other underglass fingerprint sensor which tends to have issues when you unlock for the third or the 4th time but something about this is interesting.

Goodbye, Iris Scanner

One of my personal favorite feature, when it comes to security is the Iris Scanner as it does allow you to unlock your phone with out using the fingerprint sensor or even entering the pattern. It took the security a step higher which is real nice. But the Samsung Galaxy S10+ no longer has those as it doesn’t have room to have such sensor. So, instead of that – it now uses a the Face Recognition Unlock where it uses the camera instead. Really wish it was still around but I guess it’s time for us to say goodbye to Iris Scanner.

Overall Impression

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ does have interesting changes going on – both on the outside and on the inside. It’s early for us to tell whether how it performs on a day to day basis and in fact, we want to get deeper on how things work – especially with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor and Camera to be specific. For now, we can say that we like what we see so far. But now that we are using it, stay tuned for the review. 😊