It’s no surprise that BookXcess has been expanding and has opened up in various places, bringing books affordable and making reading accessible and easier. With that said, BookXcess adds one more store to their list, which is located in the heart of Ipoh’s Iconic spot which carries a history to it – Kong Heng Square.

BookXcess Ipoh Now Open!

One of the interesting thing about this particular BookXcess is the fact that it has a retro look to it. The Bookstore has some cool looking neon signs all over to give a modern feel and still lets you appreciate the original architecture. BookXcess maintained the look and feel of the old bank to give customers an experience you cannot get from any other place. The basement has safety deposit boxes and bank vaults that has been converted to bookshelves.



Speaking of books, you can find all sorts of books – thousands of books from a huge variety of genres like novels, thriller, Young Adult, Cookbooks and so much more. One of the interesting books that BookXcess happens to offer is their Augmented Reality books – which we did a content back last year. The AR books bring stories and contents to life with the help of your Smartphone and tablet. And your kids will be learning about things in no time.

Little Yasmin at Kong Heng

With the books and pop-art aside, the basement will be accommodating Little Yasmin which will be opened to all the BookXcess Kong Heng. Now, you can watch all of Yasmin’s best Petronas festive television advertisements and films. It doesn’t end there. Customers will also be able to look into some of Yasmin’s work through her original Mac desktop which she used to type her work including Sepet and Wasurenegusa – her original Scripts.

A word from Andrew Yap

Andrew Yap, the Founder of BookXcess and Big Bad Wolf Book Sale said the following:

“It is such an honor to be part of Ipoh’s rich history and beautiful architecture. With the opening of the BookXcess Kong Heng, we hope to meet the demand for affordable books here in the Silver State. Based on our past experiences when we organized the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Ipoh, many of our customers requested for us to set-up a permanent store and now, here we are answering to their call.”

He added, “Having ‘Yasmin at Kong Heng’ nestled in BookXcess is an honor as we can continue the legacy of Yasmin and tell her story to the world so that her beloved storytelling is cherished and remembered.”

To know more on the promotions and the latest books availability, head over to BookXcess official Facebook and Instagram. BookXcess Kong Heng, Ipoh is open daily from 8.00am to 10.00pm and is located at No. 91, Jalan Sultan Yussuf (Belfield Street), 30000 Ipoh, Perak.