We know for a fact that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series offers some of the best in class performance and packs a good punch. But one thing that scares the most – especially spending so much money on such a phone is the fact that it is fragile. Earlier we did a video where we took a closer look at some of the cases Otterbox and Lifeproof offers for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series and in our opinion – these are some of the cases you can’t go wrong with.

So, to take a bit of a deep dive – we used each of the phones for a day to see how our experience with the phone was.

OtterBox Symmetry Case for S10+ & S10e


If you aren’t aware, we received two Otterbox Symmetry cases for the Galaxy S10+ and the S10e. The Symmetry case is available in a number of varieties – be it transparent like the S10e Case we have, completely black like the S10+ or with some fancy designs – which is definitely a good thing because users can choose a case that suits their own taste.

Personally, I liked how thin these cases were and yet was able to offer good protection all around. It was bulky, especially on the S10+ which is a pretty big phone. The case is solid and offers a good grip. Even if it slips off your hands, fret not – it can still take some unfortunate events. One of the things that I liked about the case is that – they have a lip, on the S10e, it’s all around the display whereas on the S10+, its obvious on the top and the bottom. What this does is that it offers protection for the display if you were to drop it flat on a surface by avoiding direct contact.

Overall, the experience with the Symmetry case is really good and we personally enjoyed it.

OtterBox Defender for S10


The Defender is definitely a case we can’t go wrong with. With that said, we did take the S10 for a spin and honestly, we felt how bulky the device felt because of the 2 – 3 layers of protection against drops. But if you have butter fingers, well this case will definitely save you from a lot of mishaps – thanks to its certified 2M drop resistance.

Just like the Symmetry case, the Galaxy S10 has an obvious lip that protects the phone’s screen from getting direct contact on the surface which is indeed a nice touch. One other thing about the Defender case is that – it has flaps that protect the ports from debris, dust and so on, which is a nice touch. If you happen to use the phone at places where you are constantly covered in dust and sorts, then it’s a worthy choice.

As it is already bulky for the S10, I personally can’t see the point of using this case on the S10+ which is a pretty huge phone and using this case would only make it bigger. But if your hands are big or if you can handle the phone, then by all means – go ahead. 😊

Lifeproof NEXT for S10+


Lifeproof NEXT case is for an adventurous person. Not only this particular case offers insanely good protection, but it also adds bulk to it – making the biggest phone, humongous. In terms of design, it looks very pleasing. All it has is a transparent shell with a colored bumper on the side – and to my surprise, I got my favorite color – Blue which is sweet. The case uses a clipping mechanism to hold the bumper with the rear shell to keep the phone in place – nice touch right there.

Like I mentioned earlier, the case sure does add bulk to it but personally – after being able to use for few days I honestly enjoyed having this case on because of how safe it felt to use the phone. The flaps at the bottom once again protect the Headphone Jack, USB-C ports from snow, mud, dust, and debris. One other small thing that makes a whole lot of difference is the fact that it has a small mesh on all the microphone to avoid dust collection – this is a great inclusion.

Using the phone with the case – is fun and challenging at the same time. Without the case, you can try to attempt to send text in one hand but if you have the case on, chances are – you will be using both your hands to use. But at least if you were to fumble and drop it, it can take it – all thanks to the Drop Certification.

Honestly, the Lifeproof NEXT happens to be my personal favorite because of what it offers. Even though it does add extra bulk, I’ll still take it knowing the fact that I don’t have to worry about breaking the screen or the back glass when I faint the next round. (Nope, I won’t).


These are our final impressions and our brief experience with the cases from Otterbox and Lifeproof for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series. If you want to check out the pricing and Availability, click here to know more about Otterbox and here for Lifeproof.

Thanks to Otterbox and Lifeproof for sending us the cases for us. Special thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e.