In this time and age, not only technology is getting way ahead of its time, but it has made things much accessible and has made us connected to the virtual world literally every single day. Products like Smartboards has made education not only technologically advanced, but it has made things much more interactive than ever. Same goes to other side of tech like Desktops which allows us to do content creation, gaming and so much more. Even NUCs which is pretty much the size of a TV Box that can do more. We are no strangers to the brand JOI, who makes products like these.

JOI Smartboard

Just as the name suggest, the JOI Smartboard takes learning or any boardroom related activity to a whole new level with the capability to interact and make things intuitive with the Touch enable LCD Based interactive Whiteboard. In fact, it comes in various sizes starting off with 55” all the way up to a whopping 86” and in fact the display comes in a 4K UHD Resolution which is sweet. The JOI Smartboard has support for Multi OS and in fact it comes with a built in Android System and have the option to plug in a PC Module. The JOI Smartboard starts from RM 8899.

JOI Desktop

For those who are willing to get their hands on a desktop which doesn’t break the bank and offers decent performance which fulfills your needs – JOI Desktop has got you covered. You can pick the form factor and configuration to your liking – which suits the type of thing that you’d want to use your Desktop for – be it Gaming or Purely Productivity centric. Its powered up to an Intel Core Processor – 8th Generation. Even you could get one with a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti as well.

JOI Next Unit Computing (NUC)

A NUC is literally the definition on how small a PC can get and yet have some impressive power under the hood to throw a punch – to get you going at an affordable pricing. These NUCs from JOI comes with 8th Generation Intel Core – U Processor alongside with a 32GB RAM and Intel Iris Graphics as well. JOI has two NUCs here – one with an i3 and another with i5 variant.

Pricing and Promotion

The JOI Smartboard starts at RM 8899 and the price varies according to the model you opt in for. The JOI Desktop starts at the pricing of RM 1499 for the baseline variant whereas the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti variant comes in at RM 4,199. Finally, the NUCs starts at the price of RM 1230 respectively.

If you were to purchase any of these products from JOI, you will be entitled for some pretty cool goodies – like A diary and a pen with the Core i3 models, an Umbrella for the Core i5 powered models and an Anti-theft Backpack for the Core i7 Models. Head over by clicking here to know more on the promotion and the product as well.