Just a while back, Oppo unveiled their new F11 Pro which happens to have some decent specification under the hood and packs a punch. Following that, Oppo has collaborated with Marvel Studios – just in time for Avengers: Endgame which will be screening in theatres this 24th April to unveil their Oppo F11 Pro Marvel Avenger Limited Edition.

Oppo F11 Pro Marvel Avengers Limited Edition

Packing all the goodness of the Oppo F11 Pro which we saw a while back, the Oppo F11 Pro Marvel Avengers Limited Edition packs a punch in terms of design. The phone rocks a huge Avengers Logo on the back of the phone in this blue and Red finish – giving it a super sexy look to it. But it’s not just all about the looks.

Under the hood, the Oppo F11 Pro packs features like a 48MP Camera, Ultra Clear Night mode, Panoramic screen, VOOC Fast charging 3.0 and so much more. At the moment we have not much of details but what we know is that this phone will be making its way to Malaysia on the 24th of April as well. Oppo Malaysia has yet to share the pricing of this limited edition smartphone. So, keep your eyes peeled to know more.