Pantheon Group, the Malaysia’s very first eSports arena founder seizes the opportunity to bring up the eSports Industry in Malaysia at Komtar Carnival in conjunction with the Grand Finale of The Elite Championship Series which takes place at 3-5th May, 2019.

Brief Progress of eSports in Malaysia

With eSports becoming more and more prominent, Southeast Asia is leading as the fastest growing market with more than 9.5 million eSports enthusiasts and counting in the following years. That’s not it. In Malaysia, there’s an estimation of 2.5 million eSports and it’s ranked at 21 in the Global Game revenue estimating at USD $633 million in 2018.

Franky How said, “The rapidly maturing eSports industry is already bigger than many realize. Newzoo reported that global eSports revenue will grow to USD 1.1 billion this year, a growth of +26.7% while the global games market is expected to grow to USD $180.1 billion in 2021. The positive numbers show great potential for the industry, including providing career opportunities in the areas of games design and development, illustrators, graphic designers, VR and AR programmers right down to marketers specializing in the eSports industry.”

Pantheon’s Goal

Franky, the Managing Director of the Pantheon Group said that their goal is to change the Malaysian society’s mindset and perception of the sports and industry from viewing it as an addiction to seeing players earn incomes as respected and disciplined athletes. We have plans to develop the capability of eSports athletes and the eSport business in Malaysia to compete at a global level.

He said, “A better way to understand the flourishing industry is to view its entirety as an ecosystem. Just as the nature’s ecosystems depend on one another to create and maintain life as a whole, success of the eSports industry also has its own intricate ecosystem.”

Finally they concluded that in order to make sure that the eSports ecosystem flourishes in Malaysia, more work needs to be done with the support from industry key leaders and stakeholders and also explore various partnerships and collaboration,

A Word from Phidisk Founder

Kendrick Hung, the Founder and Chairman of PhiDisk, based in Penang who made their debut at ServerDNA, a gaming industry event happened in 2018 said the following:

“Co-organizing this tournament in Penang together with The Pantheon Group was in line with the nation’s initiative to groom new talents in the ecosystem to produce champions in eSports and promote Penang Island to the international gamers.”

About Pantheon

To give a brief explanation, Panteon Groups’s first eSports arena is located at One City in Subang Jaya. It happens to be the only NVIDIA certified Platinum GeForce GTX iCafe in Malaysia. The thing about Pantheon is that they offer both individual and team gaming services such as Virtuix Omni, Racing Simulator and so much more.

Ever since their launch back in 2017, they have hosted a number of gaming tournament like NVIDIA GEXT Qualifiers, ASUS Join the Republic, TML Qualifier Champions by Celcom and Acer After 5 Gaming League. This time around, they are co-organizing a regional tournament in Penang with Phidisk, a Storage Solution brand from Malaysia – called The Elite Championship Series – Counter Strike: Global Offensive.