One thing about data plans in Malaysia is that we tend to get limited bandwidth and it’s a huge limiting factor. As for someone who personally relies on Data Plan, it can get pretty worse. With that said, one of the area that takes a huge hit would be Storage as well. Well, Spotify introduces their new app – Spotify Lite which focuses on two things – Bandwidth and Phone Storage.

Spotify Lite

The Spotify Lite is specially made for all devices but it was specially curated from the ground up for users who experiences limited storage and data bandwidth as well. The app takes about 10MB to download. As we mentioned earlier, the app is data friendly. So if say you network gets wonky – be it on the move or if you are someone like me who just doesn’t want to use too much data – it saves data too. Thing is – you can still download music offline. It’s up to you on how good you want your audio quality to be. It starts from 0.5MB per song on Basic and can go upto Very High which is about 5-10MB per song.

Another good thing about this app is that – the Spotify App is available for both Free and Premium Users – so anyone can use it, either independently or alongside with the Full Fledged Spotify App. The app is extremely light, fast and still has features that gets users going. Spotify Lite is made available to 36 markets at the moment. That includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Gautam Talwar, MD of Spotify Southeast Asia said, Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing music markets in the world, but music streaming is only just taking hold. With mobile phone adoption skyrocketing and many users coming online for the first time, Spotify Lite opens up the Spotify experience to millions more music fans.”

You can click here to download on your Play Store.