As we all know as serious photography can get, it can get really fun as well. With only a handful number of brands out there who are known for instant camera, Canon joins the race by making an instant camera that doubles as a portable printer as well. Meet the new Inspic C and Inspic S

Inspic S

Starting off with their flagship Instant Camera, the Inspic S is the instant camera that doubles as a camera on it’s own and has the capability to print pictures of your own as well. The Inspic S produces smudge-proof and scratch resistant 2×3 inch photos and it prints on a Zinc Paper – which is a relatively popular type of paper which we see in Instant camera these days (Not to get confused with Polaroid papers). The camera has some extra features such as reprinting the same photos repeatedly especially when you want to share it with your friends. The flash on the front allows you to take vivid pictures in dark environment. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity – it has the capability to pair with your smartphone and with that said, you can customize the pictures with stickers and print it as well. It doesn’t end there. You can even use your own pictures taken via smartphone to print on this as well.

Inspic C


Now Inspic C is a stripped down version of the Inspic S. Where you get the same features – such as Shoot and printing easily, it uses the same Zinc paper which is smudge-proof and scratch resistant, have the capability to reprint the same image and an auto flash for you to capture images in the dark as well. Only thing that’s missing from the Inspic C is the Bluetooth capability – where you wont be able to pair it with your smartphone and customize the pictures accordingly.

Pricing and Availability

The Canon Inspic S comes in three different colors – Matte Black, Pearl White and Rose Gold for RM 699 whereas the Inspic C comes in 4 different colors – Bubble Gum Pink, Bumble Bee Yellow and Seaside Blue and its priced at RM 499. Keep your eyes peeled because we will get our hands on both to give you an in-depth content soon. 😉