With Gamescom now live, HyperX, a brand we are no stranger to unveiled a slew of products for the Console gamers out there – we are talking about Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox users out there. With that said, this time around they have unveiled 4 different headphones and a charging dock for the Xbox One. Let’s take a look.

HyperX ChargePlay Duo for XBOX One

We have seen HyperX make ChargePlay docks for consoles for a while now. In fact, we have seen for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, which you can get it at your nearest store. With that said, now XBOX One users finally can get to experience the ChargePlay Duo for themselves. It’s specifically designed for Xbox One and Xbox One Elite Wireless Controllers. It packs a universal battery door, a quick docking design and a LED indicator to see the charging status for each controller. Another interesting thing about it is that, you can take it anywhere because it has a built in 1400mAh battery built right into it.

HyperX Headsets

HyperX CloudX Flight Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox

The CloudX Flight Wireless Gaming Headset is a wireless headset which happens to offer up to 30 hours of battery life and features a closed cup design that has a 90 degree rotating ear cups along with green LED lighting effects. Another thing is that, it uses a 2.4GHz frequency for wireless connectivity and has a built-in headset chat mixer – giving you the option to adjust your mix of game and chat at arms reach.

HyperX CloudX Stinger Gaming Headset for PS4 & Xbox

The Stinger is a wired Gaming Headset that packs a whopping 50mm directional drivers which has the capability to drive high-quality sound with pinpoint audio precision. With that aside, the headset features an on-board volume slider and a swivel to mute the noise-cancellation microphone. Another good thing about it is that, you wont have to worry about discomfort because it weighs in at 275 grams, making it lightweight and an inclusion of 90 degree earcups for adaptive fit.

HyperX CloudX Chat Headset for PS4 & Xbox

This is a rather interesting Headset because it only has one driver – as its reversible, it depends which side you want to call it, we are going to stick with Left. Other than that, it has a 40mm driver for clear chat and a flexible noise-cancellation mic, pop filter and in-line audio controls for easy adjustments.

Pricing for these accessories and the availability isn’t out yet but we will keep you posted as we get more information on it.