When it comes to shooting in Black and White, we come across various options – Lomography is one of them. In fact, Lomography has so many options – Earl Grey, Potsdam Kino and so many more. The one we are going to look at – is the Lomography Lady Grey. After taking it for a spin, we wanted to see if it’s worth picking it up and here’s our thought on it.

Lomography Lady Grey 400

The Lomography Lady Grey is a Black and White film made for 35mm Film Cameras and the film is rated at ISO 400. The film does not have a DX Code on it – so which means, you will have to set the ISO Manually or push it when you want to process it. We purchased this pack of film back in Japan and you can get your own at Lomography’s Official Website.

This was my very first Black and White film I was ever going to take for a spin. So, I was genuinely excited to see how it turns out. I tried this film on my Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP with 2 lens of choice – a 28mm Super Takumar Lens and a 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Lens. We sent the films for processing at our nearest Film Processing place, in Petaling Jaya.

Thoughts on the Lady Grey 400

The moment you look at it – you can tell that having a punchy contrast isn’t the Lady Grey’s strongest suit, rather it has an enough black and white tone going on with a bit of gray tone shade to it. We took some shots outdoors and indoors to see how the film favors according to the lighting. During our commute while taking a shot inside the LRT, you can see that the detailing of the image is fantastic with nice greyscale tone and a nice white shadow on the floor which looks extremely good.

Black and White film captures different kinds of tone and in the case of Lady Grey, it has a dull tone where the white isn’t truly white. The grains in every image is fine and you won’t notice it unless if you were to push the Exposure time higher in a dim lit area – like one of the portraits we took with my Pentax Spotmatic SP. The film does have a nice vintage character in every image, giving it a very subtle and warm feel as you look at it.

Shooting portrait or of people can be a challenge. With that factoring in with Black and White Films, it can be unpredictable too. But I have to say, the Lomo has nice skin tone color even for a black and white. It has a blend of both the color to give a nice skin tone with shadows and the detailing makes it good enough to see how the picture is defined by its own. Even for darker complexion, the colors are pleasant, and the image overall is amazing to look at.

Check out some of my other shots taken with the Lady Grey below.


While there are so many Black and White films out there in the market, if you prefer a film that does not come off really strong in terms of contrast and has a very nice subtle, rich tone overall, the Lomography Lady Grey 400 is a nice Black and White film to start with. Coming in at $19.99 (estimated at RM 85) for a pack of three films, where each one is about RM 28 – it sure is pricey but worth taking it for a spin.

Click here to head over to Lomography Site to get your own pack of Lady Grey 400.