Samsung Malaysia brought in the Galaxy Note10 in to the Malaysian market with such glitz and glam, as it is their 10th Note. To give a small TL;DR, this is the very first time we get to see two Notes – Note10 and the Note10+. They are offering impressive powerful specifications in two different sizes – which is pretty cool. Along side that, Samsung Malaysia made other interesting announcements.

So many Colors to Choose from


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In our previous First Look article, we weren’t able to get a good look at the other Note10 colors. So, in this you can take a look at how the Note10 looks and the colors that it comes with. Starting off with the small Note10, it comes in three different colors – Black, White and Pink. To me, the Pink color stands apart and it looks gorgeous. The Note10+ on the other hand comes with – Black, White and Glow. The Aura Glow is their trippy glam finish smartphone that tends to have a colorful gradient tone going on everytime you shine under a light. Sadly, there isn’t a Pink Note10+ – which I personally think would have been a nice addition.

Pre-order Sold Out

Other than Samsung announcing the Galaxy Note10, they announced that the Galaxy Note10 and Note 10+ that was made available for pre-order for the Malaysian market – which took place from the 8th till 18th of August, has been sold out. This shows that the Galaxy Note 10 is going to be one heck of a hot smartphone, thanks to its upgraded specification and design.

Missed the Pre-order? Roadshow it is!

If you happen to miss the Pre-order deals, worry not, because as always – Samsung Malaysia will be having their Nationwide Roadshow which will happen starting this 23rd till 25th August at five different locations. These locations are:

  • Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur
  • Queensbay Mall, Penang
  • Mid Valley Southkey, Johor
  • East Coast Mall, Pahang
  • Imago KK, Sabah

With that said, Samsung is having an amazing – in our opinion, better rewards for those who are going to purchase the Note10|10+ at the Roadshow. Starting off with the Note10, if you happen to purchase it – you will be entitled for a Galaxy Fit and a 1 Year Extended Warranty + 1 Time Screen Protection, worth RM 649.

For those who are willing to pick up the Note10+ 256GB, will be entitled for a Galaxy Fit, a 1 Year Extended Warranty + 1 Time Screen Protection and a Battery Pack with 10,100 mAh that’s worth RM 818. If you want to pickup the 512GB Note10+ instead, you will be entitled for a Galaxy Watch Active, a 1 Year Extended Warranty + 1 Time Screen Protection and a Battery Pack with 10,100 mAh that’s worth RM 1,248.

Now for those who are picking up more than one Note10, you can get a cash Rebate of RM 1000 with purchase of a second Galaxy Note10 or 10+ in a single Receipt.

We honestly think a deal can’t get any better than this. So, all we can say is – don’t miss it. Seriously.