Recently, I personally managed to get my hands on a Nintendo Switch and ever since the last announcement, it’s the only console that got me all hyped up. With that said, I do want to make sure that I can protect my Switch and the accessories in one case so that I don’t have to throw in random bags and get it scratched or anything in anyway. So, we came across this case from Ugreen (Thanks to our friends at Nasi Lemak Tech for recommending it) and here’s what we feel about this case.

Quick Look

The Ugreen Protective case is a combination of two materials – Oxford Cloth and EVA which gives this nice texture and solid feel to it. We got their Large Protective case and, in this case, – it comes in a dimension of 40.5cm x 18.6cm x 7.5cm and it can fit literally every single accessory the Switch comes with.


As you see on the outside, it has a very neat and minimalist finish with a Ugreen logo at the bottom right corner. On the top, it has a decent strap to hold and carry the case which is extremely convenient. They have also attached a clip hook on the side to hang things on it. It’s not a case I’d recommend you hang on the bag because the last thing you ever want to deal with is dropping and losing it. In my case, I hang my HyperX Earbuds (Which we reviewed here a while back – click here), for easy access.

Inside the Case

On the inside, the case features a huge compartment which is convenient enough to store extra Joycons, Switch Case and Joycon Mini Strap Grips. The thing is that it’s deep and whatever accessory you store on the top will not get squished as you close. It’s important because the last thing you ever want is your Joycon’s Joystick getting broken.

Following that, we have a nice cloth sleeve that can hold 20 Nintendo Switch Cartridges – so, you can tuck your games safe in one place rather than keeping it inside the original game case which takes too much space.


Finally, the bottom part is where you store everything. Yes, I mean everything. The bottom case has a foam with cutout in it. Starting from the left is where you store your Switch Dock and the Switch, followed by the Joycon attached to the grip and finally the charger. There’s an extra slot at the top where you can keep your Travel Adapter – smart move.


As someone who loves cases and pouches like such to protect my gears, the Ugreen Nintendo Switch Protective Case is a no brainer. The build quality on this is just solid and I personally love it.

The compartment on the top gives me enough space to hold my Switch protective case, Microfiber cloths and those tiny mini attachment that goes on top of the Joycons. Same goes to that sleeve that lets me store my cartridges tucked away – even though all I have is 4 games, now of course.

The bottom compartment is where I have a love hate relation with the case itself. The fact that it has a foam cut out to place the Dock, Grip and the Charger is nice. But at the same time, knowing that I must dock the system and attach the joycon to the grip makes it inconvenient to take it out and play my games right away. This could be something that users might want to know. If you have a separate case to carry your switch with the Joy con attached, I’d suggest you do that. But if this is something you prefer, it’s good.


If you are in the lookout for a humongous case to store your Nintendo Switch accessories away, look no further than the Ugreen Protective Case. Another thing is that, they have various size – Small, Medium and Large – depending on what you’d like to carry on the move. You can click here to check these cases out.

Note: We purchased this Ugreen Protective Case in order to review it, just to let you know.