As we all know the struggle of using a broadband and being on Broadband in 2019 can be a bit of a tough challenge. Unifi has been making some improvements in the past few months, where some Streamyx users were migrated to something better. But today’s announcement is worth the attention because in conjunction to their recent #khabarbaik campaign where they made a decision to offer the best experience possible for users all over Malaysia. They have unveiled the new Unifi Air and Lite. (Not to be confused with water, because Air in malay is Water).

Unifi Air and Lite: A Quick Breakdown

TM announced two different plans – the Unifi Air and Unifi Lite. Let us explain each one carefully. Let’s start off with the Air.

Unifi Air is an upgrade to the existing service where the plan will be sold for RM 79 per Month. Consumers will get a plug and play wireless modem that allows you to connect up to 64 Devices with an average speed of 20Mbps. Now the thing about this – it uses the TDD-LTE infrastructure webe and P1 was on. So, it’s a LTE based broadband. It is no way connected to Lite at all as it uses a totally different internet Infrastructure.

Unifi Lite on the other hand is a plan that’s priced at RM 89 per Month. If you are one of those existing Streamyx User, you will be migrated to the Unifi Lite with no questions asked at a discounted price which is the RM69. Now they will be offering door-to-door service within 2 hours, starting this October 2019.

I am sure at this point you are pretty confused – like what about new streamyx packages and how this and that works. Truth is – we were too confused at that time but here are some details we hope will clear things off.

Number 1: There will be ONLY One Plan and that is Unifi Lite

Starting on the 6th of August, every single existing Streamyx users who makes a subscription before 31st August 2019 and pays more than RM 69 per month for the subscription will be automatically migrated to the new Unifi Lite Package for an offer price of RM 69 respectively. Starting from 1st September, users who are applying for new plan can apply for Unifi Lite for a price of RM 89 per month. This applies for people who resided in areas with support for ADSL and SUBB.

For those who live in an area where ADSL and SUBB isnt supoorted, your safest bet will be going for Unifi Air as it uses LTE based connection – a plug and play router that gets things up and running in matter of minutes.

Number 2: It is ONLY available for users who reside in areas with Copper Technology

Yep, you heard that right. The new Unifi Lite Plan is for customers who are being ported over from Streamyx to Unifi Lite and new Unifi Lite users who reside in areas that’s served by copper technology only. Again, if you are in an area where Unifi Lite isnt available, Unifi Air is your only choice.

Number 3: You DON’T Have to terminate your current Plan

Users who has an existing Streamyx plan that’s going to get migrated to Unifi Lite, you don’t have to worry about calling Unifi to alert them or terminate your current package as you will be upgraded to the new plan automatically. Although, to see if you are living in the area where the new Unifi Lite plan is supported, make sure to get in touch with unifi via myunifi app or their self-help portal.

Also, take note that the new Unifi Plans are only available for residential areas. As for those who are wondering if they can get for the business side of it, at the moment there isn’t any but keep your fingers crossed for the time being.