This year marks as the 62nd Independence Day for Malaysia. In fact, 31st August is when Federation of Malaysia gained their independence from the British. In order to commemorate this special day, we celebrate by looking back at our freedom fighters who has done to make Malaysia ours and embracing our patriotism at the Dataran Merdeka. Following that, in 16th September, 1963 a new Malaysia was born – joining forces together, to become whole.

Now, in today’s world, the word freedom applies to so many things and one of it would be having control over the content you consume – which is one reason why Netflix exist – with their plethora of contents to keep us entertained at all times. But it just doesn’t end there – here are the Five F’s that lets you Bebas Bersama Netflix.

Freedom to Watch

There are times where when we are on the move, we cant take our entertainment with us or we have to choose wisely on which one we should bring with us. The beauty of Netflix is that – you can bring your favorite shows with you anywhere, watch it anytime and to make it better- you can watch anything as well – Horror, Sci-fi, Rom Com – you name it, they have it.

Adding on to that, with amazing features like Smart Downloads that lets you download the next episode automatically so that you wont forget, Saving your Data Plan – so that you down exhaust your data for GPS and even save space – to make sure you can download so many shows to keep you entertained.

Freedom to Protect

Parental Controls are very important in today’s world – to make sure kids watch they should and not the other way around. With that said, features such as Kids Profiles, Setting up PIN to restrict content, Choosing the categories based on your child’s maturity and even monitor what they watch is just simply amazing.

Freedom to Embrace

Netflix knows the way to your heart – the way to embrace Malaysian content. They are expanding offerings of Malaysian Content, giving local stories the opportunity to go places where it has not been. Shows like Till Death: Azalea’s Wrath, the First Malaysian Movie to be available exclusively on Netflix, Box Office Hits like Munafik 2, Hantu Kak Limak, Paskal and so many more – are now available on every single device you use.

Freedom to Express

What makes a country like ours special – our language. We live in a multilingual country where we hear Mandarin, English, Malay, Tamil – literally every single day. Netflix is no stranger in offering other languages because they love embracing so many languages as much as our lovely Malaysian Nation loves to do.

It doesn’t end there, they have other languages like Turkish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German, Polish, Japanese and more.

Freedom to Choose

Credit: Netflix / Black Mirror

Sometimes, we want a show or a movie to end in the way we want to – but it just doesn’t happen. But with interactive titles like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Minecraft: Story Mode, Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and more – we can choose the story to end the way we want.

So, what are you waiting for. Time to #BebasBersamaNetflix this Malaysia Day with your loved ones. 😉