As someone who has been constantly on the move and been spending so much on Grab, things can get rough especially when money gets automatically deducted, it’s hard to keep track of. So, Grab has introduced a feature – PayLater, a monthly payment system that keeps track and at the same time makes sure that you pay once every month to keep your financial situation at ease.

Grab PayLater

Think of PayLater like a postpaid plan and it works with Grab rides, GrabFood orders and GrabExpress deliveries. In order to be a part of PayLater, Grab checks if you are eligible based on few criterias – how long you’ve been a Grab User, frequency of usage, GrabRewards tier and so much more. Once that’s out of the way, every user will get a fixed pre-approved limit in their PayLater and that’s basically it – you can now enjoy Grab services and pay for it the following month with no additional charges. The whole process is instantaneous.

Since it’s a postpaid plan, you might be wondering if you are eligible for other perks? Well, good news is that – you can still receive GrabRewards points when you use PayLater or GrabPay. If you happen to pay your bill on time – that is, within the 30 days cycle, you will be fine but if by any change the payment isn’t met within the due date, the feature will be suspended right away until the amount is cleared – with a fine of RM 10.

Don’t see the PayLater option in your Grab app, well fret not because this is a feature that’s being rolled out stage by stage and at the moment, only selected users a.k.a. Pilot Group has the access to it. So, you will be eligible later.

Good news is that: We are eligible for the Grab PayLater Service. So, we will be taking it for a spin on how the system works and how our experience with the PayLater is. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled at your Grab app to see if you’re eligible.