Mobiversa, a Malaysian payment services company, has launched its latest payment solution in the form of EZYREC+. The company developed the aforementioned app in order to automate recurring payments for businesses, mainly SMEs.

Conveniently Helpful

EZYREC+ sports a built-in dashboard with a host of features to aid in the growth of SMEs, with the ultimate goal of managing their payments. According to the company, this app is suited for subscription-based businesses such as gyms, tuition centres, building managements, human resources, and such. Any service which requires recurring payments will seamlessly work with the app. Mobiversa developed the app to also handle various issues involved with recurring payments. This includes tackling late payments, and technical errors.

On top of that, EZYREC+ can also track, manage, and tailor payment plans based on the needs of the business using it. While such features can be found in other similar services, EZYREC+ sets itself apart from the competition with its revenue forecast feature to support business analysis. With this feature, businesses can gather insight as to how much revenue they are set to generate over three months.  Meanwhile, the built-in dashboard keeps track of collections, and features newly added customers. Failed transactions can also be managed. There is an option to retry the payment, or a unique payment link can be sent to the customer.

Being a payment solution, EZYREC+ is undoubtedly safe and secure. Mobiversa managed to acquire Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliancy. Known as the most secure form of modern digital protection available, it is widely used throughout the global financial market. Mobiversa is currently offering a 50% discount for the first 20 subscribers who purchase a yearly plan. This brings the price down from RM 1,499 to RM 749 for the first year.