It’s no surprise that HMD Global is bringing back some of the classic phones to life – like what the did with the banana phone and the revamped 3310 a while back. This time around they brought back another classic and it has reached the Malaysian shores – it’s the Nokia 2720 Flip.

Nokia 2720 Flip


This flippin’ phone is no-frills feature phone with interesting features going on for a simple looking smartphone – or as our friend likes to call it, neo retro. The phone brings back the amazing flipping screen from the past and still manages to look cool with a simple display on the outside – that shows time, Caller ID and once you flip it open on the inside, it has a nice 2.8” display as well.

Inside, we have the signature styled keypad which has large buttons for easier keypress and in fact, an easier way to deal with T9 based texting. Under the hood, the phone has a capacity to deliver battery life up to 27 days.

The Nokia 2720 Flip still run based on Kai OS, a modified OS that makes the feature phone smarter. With the support for 4G, it comes pre-loaded with Facebook and WhatsApp and it even has support for WiFi Hotspot functionality. You even have the option to access – Google Assistant. It has a 2MP camera on the back if you want to snap picture on this and has a 4GB Memory that can be expanded by up to 32GB.

Pricing and Availability

The Nokia 2720 Flip comes in two colors – Black and White and starting this 20th September, you can get your hands on one for just RM 359. Nokia has also unveiled another feature phone, which is the Nokia 110 which you can pick up for RM 120. I am honestly excited to pick up this 2702 Flip and take a look at it because it’s one of the best – in fact, the best design for a compact phone that we have ever seen.