Yep, just as how you feel reading the title, when we received the invite – we went like “Okay this is going to be fun.” But we didn’t know that it would be this cool (see what I did there.) Its no surprise that Samsung has been part of the Home Appliance and they have been focusing on building a one true ecosystem – Air Conditioner is one of them. Even home appliances come in various variation and this is no exception. They invited us over to check out their one of a kind, Wind-Free Air Conditioner – now this is where things get interesting.

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner

The Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner is – just like the name suggests, is a Wind free Air conditioner. At this point, there’s just so many questions but as we went along with it, we learned that there’s more to it than meets the eye. In a normal air conditioner, the task is relatively simple – you press the on button and let the room get cold. When you feel really cold, you turn it off or change the direction pointing higher or lower. The Wind-free air conditioner does things differently. Let’s talk about the body itself.

Design and Functionality

The Wind-free Air conditioner rocks a very modern design that comes in this triangular shape, this is not just looks but a thoughtful design. The moment you look up-top, the air conditioner has a huge opening, an inlet to take in more air in – and according to Samsung, combining the optimal width and the angle of the outlet, extra V-Blades and large Fan – its about 22% larger than the previous model. This makes the air conditioner to cool the room about 43% faster which is considered fast because Samsung claims that it can cool a normal living room in about 18 minutes 35 seconds with their fast-cooling feature.

Second noticeable design on this is – it’s the little holes all around the front panel. This panel is crafted from a mold and has precisely 21,000 Micro Air Holes. This is the special key to their Air Conditioner.

What makes the Air Conditioner, Wind-Free?

The front panel has exactly 21,000 Micro Air Holes, which holds a special purpose. Now in a conventional air conditioner, all it uses to cool the room is the front facing flaps that goes up and down or fixed in a position. Generally, we tend to blast the airconditioner on a hot day and the moment we feel super cold, we either shift it to a different direction or turn the air conditioner off. Now that brings a different kind of issue, as you turn it off, there’s a high chance you feel hot and you want to turn it back on again. The cycle goes on and on. There’s a lot of damage here.

Samsung created this Micro Air Hole Panel on the front to make the room temperature ambient after it’s done cooling the room. The moment you hit the button and switch to Wind-Free, the air conditioner closes the flap on the front and activates the Wind-free mode. This mode will then keeps the room cold by creating still air – which when we kept our hands close to the filter, we felt a slow moving cold breeze that has the potential to keep the room nice and cold for you to snuggle into a thick blanket.

The whole process works in a two step cooling method, starting off with the Fast Cooling Mode and then later switching to Wind Free mode and it does it automatically. With this comes an interesting benefit.

Energy Consumption

Air Conditioner can be a killer when it comes to electricity bills – because when a conventional air conditioner with no energy saving feature, it’s a huge hassle to deal with. As I mentioned earlier, turning on and off causes damage as well. Here’s why. A Conventional air conditioner uses DC (Direct Current) to power up the whole unit and as you switch on and off, it uses more power. In the case of the Wind-Free Air Conditioner, Samsung is using a proprietary Digital Inverter 8-Pole with POWERBoost Technology.

This inverter allows to generate fewer torque fluctuations, which allows to reduce the overall energy needed and shortens the time needed for the compressor to reach the maximum speed. Compared to other inverters in the market, Samsung claims that it consumes only 32% of the energy used by conventional air conditioning model and saving 68% of the energy usage. So, combining this with the Wind-free cooling technology, the need to turn on and off frequently is no longer there and it also keeps the air conditioner quiet, lasting and efficient.

Health and SmartThings

One of the other concerns about a good air conditioner, is how much it affects our health. The Samsung Air Conditioner uses a Full HD Air Filter located up-top to filter smaller and finer dust particle to keep the air clean and cool. It has an ionizer as well – which is pretty cool.

As Samsung goal here is to create one complete ecosystem – the Air Conditioner has a built-in WiFi Module that connects to your network and allows you to control the air-conditioner from your phone and your wrist. Pretty cool.

Our Opinion

Personally, coming from a conventional Air Conditioner that tends to just cool the room and I do turn on and off then and there, thinking that it saves my money – and trying out the Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner for the shortest bit of time, did feel that it was impressive. The whole idea from switching between the traditional air outlet to the Micro air hole is one of a kind and as we felt the breeze, we could tell that the room temperature remained ideal compared to a drastic drop in temperature with a conventional air conditioner. With the Malaysian weather being hot, this is definitely a good inclusion.

The fact that it’s one of the very few air conditioners from Samsung and the only air conditioners in the market to feature a Digital Inverter 8-Pole Technology to keep the power efficient – reducing instability and still maintaining the power throughout is an impressive way to go. Overall, the Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner is an appealing addition to an household.


The Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner (AR9500M) comes in three different variants – 1 HP, 1.5 HP and 2 HP and it starts at RM 2899, followed by RM 3299 and RM 3999. It is pricey – without a doubt, but considering the fact that it offers better energy efficiency and keeps the room cool at the same time, makes it a worthy investment.

If you were to purchase the air conditioner right now until 31st December 2019, you will be entitled for a 2 Year Warranty and a 10 year Compressor Coverage. If you were to purchase before 30th September, you will be entitled for a free installation (worth RM 310) followed by a choice of gift – a Dry Iron worth 63.90 or a Thermocafe worth RM88).

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia for inviting us over to take a look at this amazing Air Conditioner.