When it comes to the black-and-white scene in Film Photography, ILFORD Photo is no stranger – especially with amazing popular options like the HP5 and XB3 which you can get it today. To our surprise, ILFORD has teased something interesting on their official Twitter account.

New Film Stocks from ILFORD?

We cant speculate a lot but here’s what we know about their teaser. From what it looks like there are 4 teasers that shows different products – a 35mm canister that we are all familiar of and the medium 120 film as well. There are two different rectangular shaped blacked out images that we aren’t sure what exactly it is about but according to dpreview, one of it is an 8 x 10 image and the other one seems to be a 4:3 aspect ratio image.

Looking deeper into their tweets, they claim that it isn’t the Ilford Color film and the product that they will be unveiling soon are three distinct and very different product. So all we can do at the moment is – sit back and wait for them to unveil their new products on 24th October at 3pm (not too sure about the time zone, as they didnt mention any) for us to take a look at. In the meantime, do keep your eyes peeled here as we get more information on this.

Source: Twitter | DPreview