In case you don’t know, Oppo is known for their superior audio product back in the day and they are finally back in the game with their new product after a long hiatus, meet the new Enco Q1 – their first Noise Cancelling headphones which boasts quite a lot of interesting features that has the potential to captivate audiophile’s ears.

OPPO Enco Q1

The OPPO Enco Q1 is a neckband style ANC in-ear headphones. It’s powered by a Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology with the help of an Feed Forward and a Feed Back microphone that works hand in hand to analyze the ambient sound around you to cancel the noise. Following the noise cancelling feature, the Enco Q1 houses a superdynamic 11.8mm high-resolution dynamic driver with PEEK + PU composite diaphragm. So, in layman term, it translates to clear sound quality, powerful bass filled with details. On top of that, it supports 3D Virtual Surround sound for interesting sound staging for your gaming and movie experience.

The Enco Q1 is powered a 160mAh battery that claims to last for 15 hours with Active ANC turned on and a whopping 22 hours of battery life with ANC turned off. In fact, it has fast charging built in, so you can get 2 hours worth of ANC listening experience with just a 10 minute charge. Finally, to make it smart – the Oppo Enco Q1, has a Voice assistance for users to control their music, answer calls, ask questions and so much more.

Pricing and Availability

The Oppo Enco Q1 is priced at RM599 and will be available starting this 26th of October. If you were to ask us, the Enco Q1 is an interesting addition and it does have a bit of a Japanese audio brand’s hear.on series appeal to it.