• Sweatproof
  • Extremely Light Build
  • USB-C and Qi Wireless Charging
  • Alright Sound Quality
  • Justifiable Price Tag


  • Super Bass Heavy

Tronsmart is one of the brands out there in the market that makes peripherals at relatively justifiable price tag. A while back, they announced their true Wireless earbuds – Spunky Pro which does have a lot of features going on. In the sea of true wireless earbuds, is the Tronsmart Spunky Pro worth picking up? Here’s our full review on it.

Look and Feel


Tronsmart has designed the Spunky Pro in a very interesting form factor. It comes in this hockey puck like shape that enclosed and has a texture with the branding up that has the signature Tronsmart identity going on. On the bottom, you will see it has the FC Label along with few words written. Personally, I think this part could have been a little subtle. Other than that, it looks fine. The whole package is made from plastic making it light and easy to carry around.

One thing I like about the Spunky Pro is that it has a very thoughtful design going on. In order to access the earbuds, there’s a button on the side that will pop the lid up and slide to access the in ears. Very cool design. As for the earbuds themselves, they are super light and the moment we tried it, it felt as if there wasn’t anything in our ears. If you happen to work out and wonder if these have secure fit, well you wouldn’t have to worry about it because it sits inside the ear nice and snug.


In terms of features, here’s what the Spunky Pro has to offer. These earbuds have built in gesture controls on both the left and right earbuds making it a lot easier not only for attending calls and control music but also have the option to activate your voice assistant. Its Sweat and weather resistant – which means using it in the rain or even wearing it while you work out isn’t going to be a hassle at all. It offers up to 18 hours of battery life with the charging case and the best part, it uses USB-C and Qi Wireless to charge. Something you do not see that often in a True Wireless earbud.

Sound Quality

Each earbud on these Spunky Pro holds a 6mm driver that pumps the music into your ears, and it comes with three different tips which can be changed according to your liking. The earbuds offer about 3 and a half hours of play time with is relatively shorter than the other ear buds we have reviewed here. Good thing is that it does come with a charging case that lasts up to 18 hours. It supports audio format like HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP – the usual standards. With that said, we tested this headphone with two different music sources – Spotify Premium and my personal local Library.

The headphones produces an Arena-like sound staging with definite vocals faced in a certain direction followed by the music that covers the whole room. It does have a distinctive bass response to it making it an interesting in ears for bass heads. The first song we tried was Tove Lo’s Bad as the Boys from Sunshine Kitty downloaded in High Quality from Spotify Premium. Moving on to other songs as we go down our playlist, the sound staging remained the same. The in-ears produces decent mids and highs whereas the lows are a little hit or miss depending on the kind of songs that you choose. Duo vocals tends to mask each other, and it isn’t clear enough to differentiate the singers voice in Riptide by Kina Grannis and Imaginary Future. There isn’t bass but a little treble, but it comes off very strong in Riptide.

Moving to my local library of songs, we listened to Tame Impala’s the Less I Know the Better – the reason for me to choose this song is, the vocals in this a little faint and certain headphones fails to pick it up. In this case, the Tronsmart does a really good job and the vocals were audible. Even though I am a huge bass head, these in-ears tend to be a lot stronger. Good thing is that – you can tweak these with the help of your EQ in your phone which I did to make sure to tone down the bass response. Overall, I have to say – the sound quality is acceptable.


Using the Tronsmart Spunky pro is fun because of the features that they have baked right into it. Starting of with the controls on these – it uses a touch control on both the ear buds. Its safe to say that we have tried enough True Wireless earbuds, and these have really responsive controls. The in-ears allow you to control the Music and calls by tapping on either side, holding it for two seconds will launch the voice assistant and holding it for 3 or 5 seconds will let you turn On or Off the headphones. There are certain function that’s fixed to each side – skipping music on the right and volume control on the left. I will be very honest – that’s a lot of controls but it is good because most of the time I didn’t reach in my pocket to change my music, which is neat.

The fact that it’s Sweat and weather resistant – makes it a good companion, especially when working out. A feature you cannot take for granted. The fact that they have baked a Qi Wireless charging capability makes this in-ear appealing as well. It connects to the phone via Bluetooth and the Spunky Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0 for better and stable connection.

Only downside is that the earbuds only offer about 3 hours of battery life during my time using it and I had to constantly keep it in the case to charge it. Which also brings to the point that I had to charge it about every three to four days to get going. Wish the battery life was a little longer.


Tronsmart’s attempt in making a True Wireless Earbuds – I have to say, a very commendable move. The fact that it has a lot of features – such as sweatproof, USB-C Port, Qi Wireless charging capability, upto 18 hours’ worth of battery life via the case – the Spunky Pro is an appealing product. The audio quality does need a little improvement but for what it is, the sound quality is acceptable.

Now the question is – for RM 199, is the Tronsmart Spunky Pro worth picking it up? I’d say yes for the features I have mentioned above because there isn’t much options out there, which carries an USB-C Port, keeping your travel light and easy with just one cable to use for both your phone and the headphones. The Tronsmart Spunky Pro is a good start for them to venture into the True Wireless territory and I am excited to see what they have to offer next.