• Unique and fun product to use
  • Impressive Sound Quality
  • Nice Shade Designs to choose from
  • The Wireless charging case is a good touch


  • RM 1600 is a huge amount to spare

Final Verdict

Are you willing to spend a whopping RM 1,599 on these sunglasses, or would you pick up a good pair of shades and a separate earphone? At the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you ask us, we will spend the money on these over the Bone Conduction headphones given any time of the day.

We have seen a lot of tech product from various brands that has pushed limits in fascinating ways. One of the combinations these tech brands are into – its tech and lifestyle blended wearables. We have seen smartwatches, smart bands and now we have Smart Sunglasses. Huawei Malaysia sent us their Gentle Monster Sunglasses for us to play with for exactly 3 days and we had to find out what’s the whole hype is about. Here’s our quick final verdict on it.

Look and Feel


For a sunglass, the Gentle Monster has a very nice solid build going on overall and I love it. With relatively high-quality hinges that holds the frame in place gives the glass a little heft to it. These glasses come in various designs, but we received this Wayfarer looking Sunglasses which is one of my favorites, because my personal go-to sunglass is a Wayfarer as well. These Gentle Monster glasses are much bigger and honestly, too big for female users. Other than that, these glasses have a nice glossy high grand plastic construction making it look like any other sunglasses. The thing about these sunglasses is that the Gentle Monster branding on the frame, is so obvious that gives it away that it isn’t your average sunglasses. The Huawei branding on the other hand is inside the frame which is a little surprising because HUAWEI products generally have their brand name written all over the place.

So, far I love the design and the feel is extremely great, I really love it.


I have said that it looks exactly like a sunglass, but I also said that it’s more than a normal sunglass. There’s a reason why these side frames that sit on both your ears are relatively big and thick, it’s because these pieces have speakers built inside of it. It has a dual speaker module with semi-open design that lets you hear things while hearing your surrounding at the same time. It also has an intelligent Noise Reduction feature that makes sure of the communication that you have over a call.

As for charging, there is no ports on the glass at all. Instead it charges wirelessly via the Leather Charging case that it comes with which is super cool and smart. All you have to do is put it inside the case and voila, it starts charging. They claim that it gives about 2.5 hours of battery life on the glass before you have to put into the case to get more juice and the case offers 8 hours of total battery. Decent.

Finally, it has IP67 certification, making it water and dust resistant. Since it’s a sunglass, it only makes sense to have this feature because it would sound a little silly when someone splashes water on your sunglasses and you go “Oh my god, my glasses aren’t waterproof.”.

Our Experience with the HUAWEI X Gentle Monster Eyewear

We had the sunglasses for a fair bit of time and took it out for a spin during the weekend and that said, I managed to keep myself as busy as possible – which means more driving around and so on. Pairing the sunglasses to the phone is super easy – all you have to do is just press the button once to turn it on and press and hold – until you notice the beaming light effect kicks in. Take your phone out and connect to it, voila, you are good to go. It would have been a nice touch if they included an NFC tag for easy and seamless pairing making life easier.

During my time using these glasses, it worked as it should – that is as a good sunshade under the bright sunny sky, keeping my eyes protected. These wayfarer glasses are much bigger than my usual Wayfarer glasses I use on a daily basis. What I loved about these is the fact that the glasses aren’t curved and there isn’t any distortion when I look through the glasses when I drive or walk. These are comfortable shades too – although it does have a little bit of heft, it isn’t uncomfortable as the frame that goes around your ears to keep the glass in place helps as a good support. No regrets right there.

Now moving on to the feature that we are all looking for – the Sound quality. Thing about these glasses – it uses legit speaker drivers that sits on the side frame and shoots a directional audio to your ears. Since we have not tried Boss’s Sunglasses which also has a same feature to compare the sound quality but from our usage, I have to say it has really good sound staging and clarity compared to the bone conduction headphones that claims to offer superior sound quality. What makes these Gentle Monster sound good is the physical sound driver that pumps the audio to your ears. It’s as close as using the Xperia Ears which has a similar concept, but the glass sits at the back of your ears.

Now, under a noisy, crowded area – if you were to crank the volume to maximum, people in your proximity will be able to hear what you are listening to and probably eavesdrop at your conversations over a call. It’s an unavoidable flaw but if you keep that volume a little low, you will be fine. Another thing that I really love about these glasses is how they can detect when you’re wearing the glasses and plays automatically. It even has a touch panel on the left frame for music control which is simply cool.

I can’t comment much on the battery, but I didn’t charge much when I was using it and the battery seem to be fine. Not to forget that the case is a Wireless Charger to keep your glasses gain its juice inside the case.


Honestly, these Huawei X Gentle Monster Sunglasses or Eyewear, whichever you want to call it – is one cool wearable I have personally tested this year and killing two birds with one stone is smart. Listening to music and being aware of your surrounding is impressive.  Though it does come off as a gimmicky glass and a little useless, if you are using it in your car – when you have a good sound system for music. Despite that, I think the Gentle Monster deserves the attention for trying to be different and cool, all together.

Just that, there’s only one question – which is: Are you willing to spend a whopping RM 1,599 on these sunglasses, or would you pick up a good pair of shades and a separate earphone? At the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you ask us, we will spend the money on these over the Bone Conduction headphones given any time of the day.