The hunt for a good monitor in the market is quite the challenge as you will have to fork out quite a hefty money to get what you need. But with Acer Malaysia’s new announcement of monitor, it has gotten way too affordable that you are going to love it. We love it too.

Acer CB342CK ProSumer

Getting an bigger Ultrawide monitor, especially a non-curved version is extremely hard in Malaysia, considering the fact that most of the ones that’s sold are curved. Worry not because the Acer CB342CK ProSumer is their new monitor loaded with a lot of features than you could expect in a monitor at this price point.

Comes equipped with a QHD Ultrawide IPS Panel with support for sRGB and HDR Ready and supports upto 75Hz Refresh Rate with 1ms Visual Response Boost. That said, the monitor also rocks a Zero frame design which is one hell of a looker and the stand that it comes with this time allows you to position the monitor in anyway. Not to forget, it supports AMD Radeon FreeSync as well. All these for a price of RM 1,699 is too good to be true.

Acer Predator XB273UG S

Following one of their best selling monitors of all time, comes their successor – which is the Acer Predator XB273UG S, which comes in this completely new design that does not just look but also feel great. That said, the display comes with IPS panel in a WQHD resolution to give the best experience possible. To make things interesting, it is certified for DisplayHDR 400. The panel offers a refresh rate of 165Hz with 0.5ms Ultra Low Latency and as for those NVIDIA users out there, it supports G-Sync for the best experience possible.

The Predator XB273UG S is priced at RM 2,199 with 3 Years of on-site Warranty.

Acer Nitro Monitors

In my opinion, the Acer Nitro Monitors just got much better. If you want a gaming version of the Ultrawide monitor we talked about earlier, then look no further than the Nitro XV340CK P which comes with support for 144Hz and 4ms response time, HDR10 support and pretty much the rest as the ProSumer as well – priced at RM 1,999.

The Nitro XV273 X is their G-Sync monitor and it is without a doubt one of the very cheapest G-Sync monitor you could get. With a Full HD Panel and color calibrated with Delta E<2, DisplayHDR 400 certified and a whopping 240Hz panel makes it the best affordable G-Sync monitor on paper at just RM 1,499.

For those who prefer the AMD version of it, the Nitro XV272U P is an IPS based monitor with WQHD resolution and can hit upto 144Hz with 4ms response time. It supports 95% DCI-P3 Color gamut and Delta E<2 as well. Certified for Display HDR 400 as well, priced at RM 1,299.

Finally for those who are under budget and wants a monitor under 1k, Acer has also got you covered with their XV270 P and XV240Y P – which uses an IPS Panel and a 165Hz Overclockable display, comes with FHD resolution and support for 99% sRGB, HDR 10, FreeSync and Visioncare. The 270 P is priced at RM 879 and the 240Y P is priced at RM 699.

The timing to get a good monitor at insanely amazing price tag is here and all the monitor announced above is available for purchase and you can get it right away.