Celcom has been stepping their A-Game when it comes to offering plans that literally shows that you do get what you pay for. But this time, not only that remain but they have made the plan so versatile that you can choose between the best of two worlds.

Celcom Mega

The Celcom Mega post-paid plan comes with a base plan – which is RM80 and comes with 30GB Data and Unlimited Calls to all the networks. The second thing to do is – you get to choose between two options: Unlimited Mobile Internet or Lightning Mobile Internet Speed.

The Unlimited Mobile Experience comes in two offering – M which is an RM 18+ on top of the base plan (Total: RM 98 per Month). This comes with Unlimited High Definition Steam, Social Media and even Music. You also get 5GB Monthly Hotspot data which is neat. The L which is RM68+ on top of the base plan – total of RM 148 per month comes with more of course – Unlimited Full HD Streaming, Gaming, Content Creation and even HQ Music.

The second option is Lightning Mobile Internet. This comes in three different packages: M which adds RM18 on top of the base plan, giving a total of 40GB for RM 98 in total. L comes with another extra 30GB of Data, totaling to 60GB with the base plan and priced at RM 148 (80+68). Finally, the XL – which is literally a Mega Plan indeed – where you top up RM 108 on top of the base plan, totaling to RM 188 to get 100GB of data and Free roaming in 12 countries – which is super neat.

If you are planning to take supplementary line and share the data, it comes at RM 40 per line with additional 15GB Internet per line to the primary plan. Celcom is planning to bring interesting add-ons like Celcom Passport for roaming, INTERNETShare with family for just RM5 per month, Unlimited high-speed internet via Ultra Hour Pass and finally Unlimited socials. Another interesting is that, you can bring your data forward and claim rebates which is pretty cool.

Coming from someone who has been using Celcom Gold Plus as my personal plan, the Celcom Mega is a steal of a plan because you can choose to have either one. This also brings to the point that the Celcom Gold plans is no more. Existing users on Celcom Gold, Gold Plus and so on will remain in the very plan but as for new users, its go Mega or go Home.