We, here at The Adventures of Vesper enjoyed working with Dell in the past and so much so that they have invited us over for a session where they share what they have planned and their vision with technology. Dell has taken a stand on making an impact on society and the planet and they are focusing on three things – Advance Sustainability, Cultivate Inclusion and Transform Life.

Advance sustainability

  • Recycle an equivalent product for every product a customer buy.
  • Lead the circular economy with more than half of all product content being made from recycled or renewable material.
  • Use 100% recycled or renewable material in all packaging.
  • Deliver future-ready skills development for workers in their supply chain.
  • Drive a comprehensive science-based climate program, setting emissions goals across facilities, supply chain and operations to customer use of our products including partnering with suppliers to meet a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 60% per unit revenue by 2030.

Cultivate inclusion

  • Acquire, develop and retain women so they account for 50% of the company’s global workforce and 40% of global people managers.
  • Acquire, develop and retain black/African American and Hispanic team members so they account for 25% of the company’s U.S. workforce and 15% of U.S. people managers.
  • Educate 95% of all team members on an annual basis about unconscious bias, harassment, micro-aggressions and privilege.

Transform lives

  • Advance the health, education and economic opportunity of 1 billion people.
  • Digitally transform 1,000 nonprofit organizations.
  • Achieve 75% team member participation in charitable giving and volunteerism in communities.

Those are some seriously great goals to have for the new decade, and it’s going to take a lot of time but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. These visions aren’t only going to impact the company itself but the way they perceive things and finding a new approach to make everyone feel inclusive.

Here’s to more Dell, cheers!