After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in San Francisco, Samsung Malaysia invited us over for an exclusive opportunity to take a look at their three new behemoths and frankly, a lot has changed across these three device and we are going to talk about it in this article.

The Display – It’s No longer Curved

Ever since the Galaxy S6 era, Samsung has been using their infamous Curved display which has been a signature standard for their flagship smartphone lineup. After the S10 Series we saw last year, the new S20 Series takes a step back to bring the flatter 2.5D Glass based display which is no longer curved. But that isn’t stopping Samsung from having a big and good quality display. In fact, this time – all the Galaxy S20s come with a QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED Display unlike last year where certain variant came with an FHD+ instead.

Another noticeable feature added to the display is including a 120Hz Refresh Rate. They have also repositioned the Camera to the middle like the Note10 instead of the corner position.

That Battery – It’s Huge

Ever since the Note7 fiasco, which we are all aware of – Samsung started taking a safer approach with their battery. Not only by implementing their 7 Point battery test to keep the battery safe but also reducing the capacity – which made every single Galaxy S or Note for that matter, beeping for a battery bank to be connected right away. But that changed with the Note9 onwards, where they implemented a 4000mAh battery. Now, Samsung has gone all in with battery capacities – starting with 4000mAh for the S20, 4500mAh for the S20+ and 5000mAh for the S20 Ultra.

Could be a possible reason why they have opted in for a non-curved display. To “maybe” cram in a bigger battery. For what’s worth, bigger battery is better, which also means little time spent connected to a wall adapter or a battery bank.

The Camera – Space Zoom Much


It’s safe to say one of the major improvements on the phone or a leap of sorts would be the camera. The Galaxy S20 rocks a triple camera setup with a 64MP Telephoto sensor whereas the S20+ offers Quad Camera – where the first three sensors are as same as the S20 but an additional True Depth sensor, which is an ToF sensor. Another thing if you notice in our previous article, the primary sensor no longer carries a dual aperture – where the phone is able to switch between two apertures to capture photos in different lighting. I personally think, it was indeed a great feature but it’s sad it’s no longer there.

Finally, for the S20 Ultra – the camera is a huge leap with a 108MP Sensor and a 48MP Sensor as well. On top of this, it has a Space Zoom feature where it allows you to zoom in about 100x in to capture something that’s located further away. We tried it and mother of god; we are impressed. For the rest, we can only tell more on the quality and how it performs after a review but for now, it’s cool I’d say.

Only S20 Ultra is 5G

If I am being honest, 5G is still tested under close doors and the fact that Samsung only brought in the S20 Ultra with 5G whereas the S20 and the S20+ comes with 4G instead is a very smart move. On top of that, the new lineup of Galaxy S20 are not as affordable compared to its predecessor and a lot is going on. With that said, the S20 and S20+ with 4G is more than enough for today’s standard and the Ultra boasts a 5G instead, which is fine.

All the device comes with 8GB RAM, except for S20 Ultra which comes with 12GB but as for the storage, it comes with a default built in 128GB Memory which can be expanded with the help of a MicroSD card. It’s good to have options.


By now you should know how much the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series is priced at. But if you do not know – well, here you go. The S20 is priced at RM 3599, the bigger S20+ is priced at RM 3999 and the S20 Ultra is going for RM 4999 respectively. The pre-order is going on starting today and with that said, you can learn more about it in our article here. If you want to know the complete specification of the Galaxy S20 Series, click here for that.

Huge thanks to Samsung Malaysia for inviting us for the exclusive event and giving the opportunity to let us take a closer look at the devices for this article to happen.