• Decent Display
  • Good Specification
  • Better Battery Life


  • Underwhelming Camera
  • Hard to Justify the Price Tag

Back when we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy A50, there was a lot of things that was just missing from the ground up that made me feel a little too iffy to recommend the phone to begin with. But then later on, Samsung announced the Galaxy A50s, which not only adds a “s” but also has better features compared to the A50 we reviewed. In this review, instead of talking about just the A50s, we will be highlighting the improvements made from the previous generation and see if it was worth it.

Design and Build

The phone retains the same design as the A50 but in terms of look, there has been subtle changes to tell the two phones apart. One of it is definitely the rear panel of the phone which as a diamond cris-cross design that has different tones of the very color of the phone that makes it look different but not too over the top which is nice. Other than that the phone has a decent build quality with a side rail which has a glossy coating and on the front is the teardrop or the water drop notch right in the middle.


Truth be told, I wasn’t a huge fan of the display with the A50 as it lacked a little touch responsiveness but somehow it’s fixed with the A50s. It comes equipped with a 6.2” Full HD+ AMOLED Display which Samsung also likes to call it the Infinity U Display. There isn’t any color shift as we moved the display sideways and the colors are vibrant and sharp as any other AMOLED Displays we have come across. Watching shows on Netflix is going to be just fine as you don’t have to worry about anything in terms of the colors. The brightness of the device is decent enough and its usable under bright sunlight.

Specification and Performance

The A50s rocks the following specification:

  • Samsung Exynos 9611 – an Octa-core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz
  • 6GB RAM | 128GB Storage

Theres nothing much to rave about as the specification is pretty much you could expect from a mid-tier device. That said, we ran the benchmarks – Antutu, Geekbench and AIDA64 to give a rough idea on how much performance the device packs. Other than that, the device is decent enough to get your daily task done with minimal issues. So, applications like your social network and other work related or productivity centric application works as fine as it sound. As for gaming, it can handle a little bit of Asphalt 9 but other than that, it does struggle a bit to give the best performance.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy A50s comes packing with a 4000mAh battery and it’s pretty darn great. The battery on the phone can last up to a whole day and during my time testing it – we were able to get about 5 hours 49 minutes of screen on time in an active hours of 12 hour and 19 minutes under intensive use. Under light usage, the phone was able to withstand a fantastic amount of battery that made us worry a lot less as we could go through another day without charging the phone. Even when it requires charging, thanks to the included 15W Fast Charging, its relatively easy to get the juice up and get you going.


Samsung emphasized a lot on the camera and how much they have changed it. On the back, it comes with a Primary 48MP sensor, followed by a Secondary 8MP Ultrawide sensor and finally a 5MP Depth Sensor. Truth be told, the depth sensor isn’t particularly a proper functional sensor. So, it’s good as not having it on a phone. As for the quality, the pictures are better described average at best. The colors are uneven across both the sensor – and the Primary 48MP produces a very warm tone compared to the Ultrawide which has a colder tone and much close to what I saw. Low light shots are grainy and a complete miss but when you are using it during the day, expect it to deliver decent images but not something great.



For an asking price of RM 1299 is definitely steep and when you have much better alternatives at same if not better price tag, makes the A50s look a little off. But there are few good reasons to choose this – you get a good software, decent battery life, a decent performance as well. That’s basically it. One thing for sure is that, it’s definitely better than the Galaxy A50.